What to notice when betting at M88 online casino? (Part 1)

Playing online betting at the house M88 is very different from the traditional betting method, there are some notes and principles that you cannot ignore. Follow the following article to understand the explanation of football betting.

About the M88 dealer

The M88 betting bookmaker has been registered at The Enterprise Center Tower 2, 6766 Ayala Avenue Corner Paseo de Roxas Makati City, Manila, and has been licensed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, is Asia’s leading bookmaker. With over 200 employees working there and a professional betting team, management and customer support staff to help customers play and be supported 24 / 7.

In addition, the house M88 is also one of the official sponsors of the football club of the English Premier League, the beer tournament and the 5th Futsal World Championship right in Kuala Lumpur.

Most recently, the M88 bookmaker was the main sponsor for the Tiger Football Street 2018 tournament with the total sponsorship amounting to US $ 100 million (only the sponsorship of the M88 dealer for Tottenham is already up to 64.38 million USD). Therefore, the house M88 is the house that you can absolutely rest assured and trust absolutely.

M88 was established as an entertainer in the field of sports and entertainment to provide players with a popular product line with competitive prices.

Registering online football betting accounts at the house is very easy and completely free. Do you hesitate any more but do not join now and receive attractive promotions only here. The following are notes when playing online betting on m88 you should know and remember.

You can refer to the explanation of the term football betting.

Note when playing online betting on M88

Online betting and pursuing sports betting as well as a career, you should be serious with what you pursue. We do not encourage you to participate, but once you play, you should be serious, you should not lose money and lose money.

How to choose a good Online Casino Malaysia

Gambling or placing betting become one of the most popular entertainment in the world. Let’s imagine that you can enjoy the space in a real casino Malaysia but you stay in your home. It’s great for a game.

Besides relaxing, you can earn more money than you expect if you are lucky. So before deciding to register an official account to a casino site, you should consider which site is reliable. This article will share tips to choose a good Online Casino Malaysia.

1/ Check about a legal member in this site

Firstly, you should assure that this site can accept nationality of players where you live. Overcoming this step, you have enough condition to register a legal account.

As law of some nations, they only allow the online casino Malaysia to do business in their territory. The law is complicated so you should check it carefully if you have intention to joining an international site.

2/ Check about reputation of this site

To assure that you can withdraw cash or promotion when you win big, the betting site has to be reliable. The fact that there are many sites to be scammed players about money. Reputation can express via some points like:

Firstly, this casino commits paying out the winning money that are 100% total amount or not. It shows in the regulation before register account.

Secondly, how is the odd or available policies they promise with players.

Thirdly, it is legal business certificate they prove they are applied to do business in betting.

3/ Which game is database of this site?

Finally, the most thing you care is source of game. Have to consider whether your game is available in this site or not. Because we have millions of game created and launched every day, we don’t know this site is updated or not.

Instructions to play baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

Baccarat Banque is similar to Chemin de Fer but has an even more fluent rule; both of these versions can vary significantly depending on which casino (usually European) they are being played.

Either of these versions can certainly benefit from the baccarat strategy guide or the baccarat system, skills that are not part of the standard baccarat punto banco or mini-baccarat played in online casinos, North America. and other places. In this game, it is only the deal that determines the winner – no baccarat system in the world can improve your game even a little bit.


After reading our previous articles about baccarat, you now probably have a better sense of how baccarat works. In this article, keep reading the betting information and some real money baccarat strategies that you can incorporate into your game. Baccarat uses three types of bets:

Banker bets

This is the safest bet you can make in baccarat. The house edge for betting house is 1.06%. The standard rule is that the player pays a 5% commission to the house for every bet won and even with a commission, your win rate is still higher than any other bet.

Bet the player

The house edge for betting on players is 1.24%. The odds are slightly higher, but the fact is that the bookmaker uses the aforementioned commission, which balances the house advantage.

Bets tie

Although a tie bet offers a huge payout, any expert will tell you that a tie bet is not a worthwhile bet to make due to the incredibly high house edge of the house. 14.4%. The payout ratio is 8: 1, which is why the chances of winning are very low. However, some casinos use a 9: 1 payment, which reduces the house edge to about 5%.

Extra bets

Depending on which casino you visit – online or traditional – some establishments allow you to bet different side bets. An example is how many cards a player or dealer will finish before reaching the outcome (called “4-5-6”).

Quick information about Casino online Malaysia

Nowadays gambling has been legal and publicized in many countries. If you can control your passion, this is a great way to relax and reduce stress in busy life.

There are many reliable sites worldwide which comply total requirements and rules from the Government. To understand clearly about Casino online Malaysia, following this article.

First of all, you should know about rule to play Casino online Malaysia

According to advanced technology, the gambling sites offers various games for fun. It brings visual experience that they are playing in real-life casino so there are many gambler to choose Casino online Malaysia instead of going a real casino. It can save time and expense for travel.

With huge number and variety of games, you should consider to find a proper game as your hobby or for beginner to reduce loss about money.

Some games can recommend like: Slots, roulette, video poker, blackjack or baccarat so on. It is not limited about time and place so you can play it anytime you like.

More detail about dealer games

Almost gambling games will involve a dealer. In a game, the dealer have to deals with 2 people at the same time: player and banker. So it leads 3 results accordingly: a player wins or a banker wins, or it is ruled a tie by dealer.

Some games have a draw result like blackjack, baccarat. It means player will be received their bet back. But some other games, if player and dealer have the same score, dealer will win with total bet from player. It depends rule of game. You should read carefully before decision about a game.

More detail about mobile casinos

Playing casino online Malaysia on mobile becomes popular and convenient for gambler. So games are in mobile app will be chosen more.

These mobile casinos allow you to access online game anytime and anywhere if only your mobile can connect to good Wi-Fi.

Instructions to play baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

The popularity of the Baccarat strategy and the promising baccarat system on the Internet only proves that people really want to learn to own this classic casino game. For better or for worse, the truth is obviously no baccarat system that improves your luck on the table – because luck is exactly what baccarat is based on.

Even knowing the rules of the game is not really necessary. The dealer will deal cards, sum the values ​​of cards and deal all the necessary cards before announcing the winner. Player’s control is limited to betting on the Banker or Player (or tie), and how much is the bet. The coin toss will be as useful as the most thorough baccarat system ever designed.

The best thing one can do is play online baccarat at one of the best online casinos. Spend time with free baccarat games to become comfortable with the rules and flow of the game, then build your confidence by making some real bets on baccarat. Good online casinos offer a small minimum, so you can bet real money all day and still risk just a few small changes).

To be sure, you can find some improvement in your overall success by placing an exclusive bet on the dealer instead of the Player, as it prefers a statistically light but noticeable statistic in the odds. Banker wager (1.06% vs. 1.24%). However, you will pay for that advantage with a commission, which can quickly overwhelm any advantage in your odds.

A little warning: there are a few games that are variations under the name baccarat. The classic Baccarat Chemin de Fer, favored by James Bond followers, is not a game you usually find in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or any online casino. Chemin de Fer is a complex game that consists of a dealer button system (reminiscent of the Texas Hold poker) and an opposing couple whose position and ability to change from one card to another.

Review about 12bet.com


12bet was launched in 2007 by a private online gambling company about betting sports. During more than 10 year activity, 12bet expresses that it is one of the best major players in the betting sport market. Furthermore, 12bet has been the first company to offer betting sports to the Asian market.

It has a various gambling system, including: poker, slot games, table games and keno games.

How to place betting sports in 12bet.com

12bet supplies a range of different sport events such as football, horse racing, volleyball, golf as well tennis. So they are confident to serve many kinds of customers. To be more interesting, they provide other options to place betting sports as below:

Firstly, gambler can place betting a large number of aspects to increase wining opportunity.

Secondly, gambler can place action live conveniently via In-Play console system.

Finally, feature about Cash out option. It means gambler can transact with their bets, either fully or partially by a click of a button. So it is clear for customer to control their bets directly.

12bet has clear sections and clear layout. When you login the site, you are easy to see a long list of sports which are displayed down the left of screen. All live-play and headline events can be outstanding by colorful centrally. You can click on the right column to overview about schedule of upcoming events. There is a search bar on the left column of screen helps you to search transaction history fastest and effectively.

Another feature, 12Bet supplies a browser with special versatility and personalization.  Players can choice between fractional and decimal odds freely. Setting time for all transaction is available too to be good to them.

Although they build up a profession system about content, it still makes simple steps to join conveniently. Whether you are a beginner or a professional gambler, 12bet is still a site to be worthy exploring as your favorite.

5 tips to play Roulette effectively at the house M88 (Part 2)

Basically, stick to low-odds betting, avoiding the use of single bets. For example, red / black bet gives you a chance to win 50% less the default winning rate from the house. This is an attractive bet and has the ability to keep you on the table for longer and allow the player to maximize profits.

Adjust emotions

Don’t be disappointed when you lose playing Roulette. Remember this is a game of chance, so always prepare an acceptable capital before playing and prepare yourself for the worst case, so that when you lose you can stop the game.

Roulette is a sacred and emotional game, so it’s very easy to spend your money on this game. Also do not get angry or irritated when losing Roulette because playing Roulette for the main purpose of fun, bonus is extra.

Do not believe in the method of playing Roulette

You will find on the Internet many places that sell the secret of playing Roulette for only a few dollars but make sure to win a huge amount of money. Remember, if these tips worked, they wouldn’t have sold them but had kept them to make money.

Roulette is just a game of chance, so try to forget the methods that will surely win.

Why are you playing Roulette at M88?

Of all the tips, this is what we often ask the first player. If you do not know M88, please find out what information m88 means first.

Next, you need to ask yourself and your main goal when playing Roulette is to make money or to have fun?

If you participate in playing Roulette for fun then Roulette is just for you. If your motivation is not for entertainment but to make money, then you should choose another game, such as blackjack, which can give you an advantage. Blackjack is not as interesting and entertaining as Roulette but you have the opportunity to make a lot of money from this game by calculation. Good luck!

Best Winning Online Malaysia Casino Strategy

This article will discuss tips and strategy how to win Malaysia online casino. If you determine to know which strategy in Malaysia Casino Online works more effectively and legally everywhere, following this sharing to find valuable experience for yourself.

The fact that, when you are a gambler or player for betting, you should improve unique experience and strategy during the process. This helps you to earn more money from the comfort of home. Besides it, you feel relaxing and happy for the next time.

1st STRATEGY: Betting combinations among factors: red, black, odd and money

Per color has different function for betting.

For example, when you place betting for red or black, you can’t grow up ability for your predictions in one accuracy pocket.

Another example for odds. Whether you place betting on 1-18 or 19-36 as well high or low level, all odds are the same. It means it has no difference in street bets or corners.

2nd STRATEGY: Single zero with double 0

If you are an inexperienced gambler, you will simply think that you will have twice chance of winning when you collect enough two green pockets.

The fact that the casino and bookmaker always have twice the advantages of winning than normal gambler. So you should be careful to choice options both single and double zero pockets.

The betting tables and payouts are familiar for all betting match. It’s hard to distinguish special thing for you. Also there is no tip for choosing correctly. It should be chosen by experience and feeling of per person.

3rd STRATEGY: Different between a strategy and a system

Some gamblers are confusing between a strategy and a system, even they think it is the same. But actually, it is completely different.

A system is defined that it is a method of selection when placing betting while strategy belongs to your plan to make final decision.

5 tips to play Roulette effectively at M88 online casino (Part 1)

Roulette is the third most popular game in casino M88, after Baccarat and Blackjack. Why is Roulette so popular?

This is simply because Roulette is fun, interesting, easy to play and captivating thanks to the influence of 007 Spy – James Bond. Find out the latest m88 link to join. Because it is easy to play, many people play hard on roulette and forget how to calculate the maximum profit. Find out through the article below.

The best Roulette is the European table because this table reduces the house’s default win rate to an acceptable level, from 2.63%.

An American-style turntable with 00 added will almost double the house edge of the house compared to the European table.

The Roulette M88 is European-style, so the odds of winning the bet will be higher.

Best bets and worst bets

The second advantage of the European turntable is that the “prison” rule applies to even bets (odd / even, red / black, dozen, etc.)

When you dial in box 0, you are allowed to keep all bets for the next spin (go to prison). If you win this next round, you are not rewarded but are allowed to recover the full amount of the original bet; so in fact you only lose half your bet, and of course if in the 2nd round lost then you completely lost the original bet. The house edge’s winning rate for applying the “en prison” rule to the current zero table has dropped to 1.35%; So it can be said that this is the best bet in the table.

Speaking of the best bet also has to mention the worst bet – Bets of 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 give the bookmaker the 7.89% profit margin far beyond the average of 5.26%, so avoid the this bet.

Top Best New Malaysia Online Casino Games 2018

According to the popularity of games in Malaysia Online Games, many manufacturer invest to build up the app for games, both completely new and changed some versions compared the old.

Online casino players always are looking forward to the updated app so that they receive more funny games. This article is top the best new Malaysia Online Casino Games in 2018 which has been collected from sites of Malaysia Online Games. Following up it and find the new game which you have not yet tried with new version.

1/ Reef Run Online Slot

Reef Run Online Slot is a hot game in online casino Malaysia which is one of the most innovative online casino games to ever hit the internet and attract huge amount of player in 2018.

If you like the animal in the ocean like crabs, octopuses, sea horses or lobsters, this game is proper for you.

2/ House of Doom Online Slot

Following this game, it leads you to an interesting adventure which it call back memories of horror films and childhood.

Seer symbol is extremely powerful with the potential ability to look into the future and many reward as well bonus for you.

3/ Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

As soon as launched, this game has made powerful waves in the Malaysia casino online market. It seems a tsunami to attract millions of player every day.

It is based on classic Texas Hold’em but there is some changes about concept like dealer instead of the host and no bet following the river card.

4/ Age of The Gods Live Roulette

Someone calls this game as a roulette revolution because the player can play it on smartphone or laptop. It becomes more convenient and comfortable for them.

Coming into this game, you can discover the mythical backdrop where you have to bet classic roulette connected with Playtech’s famous jackpot pools.