Refer to some prestigious Asian and European online casinos

Here are some most pretigious online casino nowadays that players should refer to. Let’s check out! 


The Fun88 dealer has only been operating in the Malaysian market in recent years. However, the online casino has also won the trust of many online betting fans. The Fun88 dealer has the ability to give who participate in the functions directly in the game right on the live rafters and are extremely unique.

The Fun88 dealer is also very developed in the fast money transfer, the odds of customers are also very diverse. Another advantage developed by Fun88 dealer recently is that the fun88 dealer has a different Cash Out function than other bookmakers and the payoff ratio is from 0.2 to 0.38%.


The W88 online casino has only recently appeared in the betting market, but it is not so the W88 bookie is inferior to other bookmakers in terms of brand and quality. Currently, promoting your brand is not easy because the W88 house is trying to develop its brand.

Just like the other bookmakers, registering your account as well as depositing money into the W88 dealer is fast and safe. Currently the house W88 has the highest odds and the commission to return the bet at W88. W88 Malaysia online casino guarantees to always give players the best services as well as attractive promotions.

Refer to some prestigious European bookies

Next to the four Asian bookmakers betting as we launched. If you want to explore more bookmakers, you can find out at Betfair, Bet365… the odds of betting at European bookmakers are always more developed than the bookies in Asia, these bookies rated as the leading bookie in the world.

However, it will be extremely difficult for players to participate in European bookies because the bookies do not support the Malaysian market with the form of depositing money through Skrill.


The above article offers reputable bookmakers for you to choose when participating in betting in Asia as well as on the European betting market.

Effective tactics when playing poker in online casino

If in the course of playing Poker in online casino, you encounter opponents too closely, then you should be very careful.

When you are constantly lucky, you can play a bit, but when the luck is not good, you need to play more closely. Speaking of strict poker tactics, it requires the player to have a considerable patience.

Different groups of Poker cards

Group 1

AA KK QQ AKs AQs. On the table a total of 10 people or 6 people or more, wait when players in all positions have increased the level to be able to increase the level.

Group 2

JJ TT AJs ATs AK AQ KQs. There are 10 people on the table, so sit in any position. On a 6-person table, if you sit in the front position, you should follow degrees, while sitting in the middle or last position should increase the set.

Group 3

99 QJs KJs KTs. On a table of 10 people, if a player raises the level then you should discard, and if no one raises the level, it should be in degrees.

Group 4

A8s KQ 88 QTs A9s AT AJ JTs. There are 10 players on the table, if a player raises their level then they should discard, if there are no players increase the level then the level. If playing at a table of 6 people should follow the level.

Group 5

77 Q9s KJ QJ JTs A7s A6s A5s A4s A3s A2s J9s T9s K9s KT QT. With a 10-person table, unless you’re lucky or seated really dominant. If playing at a table of 6, you should follow the level.

Group 6

87 53s A9 Q9 76 42s 32s 96s 85s J8 J7s 65 54 74s K9 T8 76 65s 54s 86s. If you find yourself in a very fortunate stage, you can sometimes play in a style that changes your style, making it harder for the opponent to capture.

How to respond when playing poker

There is a need for careful consideration tactics when playing this game in Malaysia online casino, these opponents tend to be wagering when they have small cards in their hands, so it is difficult to deceive them, causing them to discard cards.

If the aforementioned opponents move in the direction of advancing, then lure them, because they often use small cards to deceive you, hoping the weak heart to give up, giving them the opportunity to win.

Applying these tactics corresponding to different types of opponents is something that every poker player needs to really pay attention to. Wish you join the fun and bring yourself many victories.

Strategies you need to know when playing Baccarat in online casino

In this section, I only mention the problems of capital when playing Baccarat in online casino, how to divide the money so that it is most appropriate, not discussing how to play, because everyone has their own favorite tactics.

First, you need to divide your equity into 100 equal parts, if you play Baccarat online then you need to divide your remaining capital into 100 equal parts to be able to place a bet. The way of playing depends on each person, no matter how you bet but if you have to make sure there is still 100% of the total capital.

The most important thing when playing Baccarat online to eat real money is to be patient, absolutely not to place a heavy bet, the largest bet cannot exceed 10% of the capital. You need to apply this rule, you will be completely surprised, winning Baccarat is not difficult.

In the above we have mentioned, Baccarat is a game with a certain probability of playing 50% so do not bet too low, how much money should have set the goal you need to win about it, with the way playing like above will help you win about 20 to 30% of the bet, but especially your mentality must be really fun.

The secret to judging how to deal the house of the casino in the game Baccarat

In online Baccarat, the player needs to focus on the sequence of cards, each time a starting sequence has a sequence of bets that is continuous in a necessary time period, so the player needs Must know the rules of this article?

When playing Baccarat in Malaysia online casino, you will notice that there are many different series of bets, so you need to know the necessary string. New players often have questions: When will the chain stop? You need to stop when losing streak sequence!

Definitions of online casino games and live dealers (Part 2)

If you are wondering whether this is a live video or a pre-set video, rest assured, dealers always have a phone in front of them, a number, you can call to see if it rings a bell or not. Two more, some bookies put the TV screen behind the dealer, broadcast international TV programs such as CNN, BBC, etc. Players can easily compare and verify.

With games in the E-games area, playing with the automatic system, the speed is adjusted according to the player, fast and slow to think freely, but it seems a bit boring if forever playing with the soulless system.

Someone dealing cards, especially pretty girls, is a completely different story. Moreover, games with Live Dealers also have play styles that other games cannot have. For example, turn cards slowly, turn cards at will, bet in the game.

Live dealers

If your connection speed is poor, your experience may not be perfect. For example, if the bet cannot be read due to a video error, or the real-time of the video is incorrect due to an error, the bet has been completed for a long time but the card has not been dealt, slowly rolled, etc.

Online casino games supported


For those who love this strategy game, it is certainly not impossible to ignore the tables in the online casino area. The tables are often packed with seats in this sleepless world.


The card game is similar to the scratch card in Malaysia, but the player is not tied to a single hand, but can bet on any hand, Banker, Player or Tie.

Roulette and Sicbo

These games have been popular in most casinos worldwide, and now online casinos. The game is run as in the casino, drop the ball with Roulette and dice with Sicbo is conducted every game after the player has bet.

There are more games But I just briefly introduced you so you can imagine the world of these games. The list of games and specific instructions will be covered in another series of articles.


Malaysia online casino games with Live Dealers satisfy even the most skeptical players. Although there are still a few small minus points, but with the outstanding advantages and the only attractive game list here, the online casino area is still the sleepless world in online casinos with crowded players.

Review about M88 Casino Online

If you are an Asian person and prefer to placing on betting, M88 Casino is one of the best choices. Since establishment, it becomes popular with many bettors with smooth, modern and high-quality service characters.

As one of the most favorite Asia betting sites, it has special policies to support Asian like currencies, payment or a wide range of games. In this article, we will discuss more detail about M88 Casino Online.


M88 Casino Online is licensed by the First Cagayan and Pagcor which is on the top reliable officials to manage online betting. Therefore, you are completely confident about safe and profession when placing on bets.

For deign and graphics of M88, it is highly appreciated by both bettors and other opponents. In general, the overall theme is modern and simple with instructions detail step by step. In addition, it has convenient navigation and clear section for users.

Only drawback about design is claimed by several bettors. It is showing too much information and instruction at the same time on screen. Sometimes, bettors feel confusing while they need to focus on betting.

About security feature, it has SSL standard encryption which is the top software providers. Therefore, the configuration should be highly appreciated to make fast speed and other effective reactions.

For customer support service

As introduced, M88 Casino Online serves almost live games, reports or traditional games therefore they have separate emails to do other different purposes. You can send email, chat or call to hotline to ask any trouble. Their customer support service is always working to serve and support all issues in urgent.

About banking option

They offer other banking options to make transaction conveniently. It includes in bank transfer, online pay, mobile pay SN or eWallets. It combines withdrawals and deposits.

Which online casino should you choose to avoid fraud? (Part 1)

The concerns about joining casino online are very normal and legitimate, almost everyone has questioned their credibility before recharging.

But are they really reputable and why in reality are there people who lose money when depositing money in online casinos, list of reputable bookmakers that players should choose to deposit gold?

Is playing online Casino deceptive?

Before concluding, remember how the dealer works. They use the software of the companies that produce the games and supply them to the players, and settle their winnings and bets with them.

So let’s look at the house-game vendor relationship, why they have to exist independently and independently, why the game company doesn’t provide the player itself and vice versa, why the house Does it produce the game itself?

In addition to reasons like specialization, each company focuses on solving its own problems, the most important is transparency. The house has no right to interfere with the game software, this ensures absolutely no control over the outcome.

Companies themselves, if they want to make online casino houses, also have to meet dozens of strict requirements. Suppose that the European house must obtain a license from the Isle of Man Game Monitoring Committee, First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, Gaming Associates.

The companies have specific headquarters, proper legal activity and full tax payment. This is not an underground gangster group as many people imagine.

The list of reputable online casino in Malaysia

In the Malaysian market, there are quite a number of reputable bookmakers operating, some of the following are our recommendations to players as follows.


The House specializes in online casino games, without sports betting. Currently Empire777 is rewarding 100% of the first deposit value. In addition, players after confirming accounts via phone also receive $ 10 (200k) in the account to play, if winning can withdraw money.


The house likes pink, is storming with fish shooting game. Here the card games, table games, slot games are very focused and no sports betting. Newly registered players are offered 100k free play, if they win real money withdrawal.

Review about 18Bet Online Casino

If you are a crazy fan of sports as well you intend to place on sport betting. 18Bet Online Casino Malaysia is the best recommendation. This site is better and stronger at handling sport events. In this article, we will continue to discuss the reason why 18Bet is the best choice for you about sport betting.

In the previous article, we have ever told history and relationship of 18Bet’s founder with the top-rated game developers. Now let it discuss promotions and odds in this betting site on Malaysia Casino Online.

Thirdly, about top great bonus

There are many policies about bonus for both new members and royal members.

Firstly, one new member can receive up to 150% welcome bonus for the first transaction on this site. It has valid when you make deposit the first. This is separated into other periods, including maximum 30$ in the first deposit which takes up 100% welcome bonus, then maximum 50$ for the second deposit which takes up the remain welcome bonus. To receive this amount, you need to enter the code provided by this site for a new account. Then taking some steps as instruction. The refund should be wagered for any sport betting you prefer, such as snooker, volleyball, tennis or football. It’s available.

Secondly, for royal customer, they also offer interesting promotions to keep them. One account should be determined that it is a VIP or not based on revenue on month. When your revenue is enough as target, you can receive more promotions. For example, you can be refunded one sum from the UEFA Champions League. If your coupon can’t match the final result, this site will offer 100% cashback for all correct goals from the 88th minute of match. The cash can be up to 30$. The step to refund simply when you only send email with text “88+ minute” then the system will send back it to your bank account

Definitions of online casino games and live dealers (Part 1)

I myself know that when playing online casino games, whether playing slots, playing cards, or other games like Roulette, Sicbo, etc. The results are completely transparent and public if you play at the house as big and prestigious as I introduced.

However, there are still many people who are ‘anxious’ about this, and only trust games with real dealers, with clear forms of verification to trust. And moreover, these games also feel much more like a ‘casino’ than other games.

1. The situation

When participating in online bookmakers, you are participating in a casino. Only this casino acts completely different from the actual casinos. It is based on technology to connect players to the house. The system is organized in a completely transparent and fair manner, is properly supervised by the government organizations of the countries, not some underground organizations as many people think. There are corporations of up to thousands of full-time employees.

Connecting players and dealers via the internet, technically almost with the current technology is absolutely no problem. You all know the power of it, just a tiny device is able to access the global entertainment information store.

However, the problem is the trust, the trust of the player for the house. How do I know they’re transparent? Will they cheat me? How do I know if the results are random, just like when I am playing other gambling games in real life?

These questions need a clearer and more specific answer than just being transparent about how transparent the Malaysia online casino system is, how it is controlled. Because players do not know where the system is, how it works, they do not want to find out, they feel confident they play, or they stop. Therefore, the bookies have come up with a series of novel games to reassure God of objectivity.

2. Online Casino games with Live Dealers

With the purpose of highlighting transparency, and bringing a realistic casino atmosphere to the players, Live Dealers games are operated based on live broadcast technology, with outstanding advantages as follows.

Absolute transparency

The game is started normally as when playing at the house, real cards, real roulette, real dice, live dealer. It’s just that players connect via the Internet and bet by clicking instead of using chips like at casinos.

Review about 18Bet Online Casino

If you are finding one new online casino, 18Bet is a great recommendation for you. The fact that people feel a little worrying about profession and reputation of new casino online. However, you shouldn’t worry about 18Bet Online Casino. Although it has just been established recently, it is a great online casino with modern design and service. In this article, we will review about 18Bet online casino with pros and cons to make care your decision before gambling it officially.

Firstly, history of 18Bet Online Casino

According trend of online gambling business, 18Bet was launched in 2016. Since establishment, it expresses other range of influences and interest of gamblers.

The most confident factor in 12Bet is making reliable and safe for any customers to this site. They determine to build up good customer service to develop and improve their system well. They want to assure safety, reasonable, truthful and security for all customers. In addition, 18Bet also offer available online casino data with great games to brings satisfactory and benefits to gamblers.

Secondly, 18Bet has a good relationship with the top-rated game developers

One of the important reasons to attract more gambler is providing great game data. To make one available system, 18Bet has connected and co-operated with some well-known enterprises in the world like NextGen Gaming, NetEnt, Betsoft or Extreme Live Gaming. As a good consequence, players can have access to great source of betting games by other methods like a video slots, table games or live casino games, gamblers continue to be recommended to discover other factors.

You also note that all games should be checked and updated the latest version for the first register. It is also automatically audited to loss fee. Don’t forget that you can use 18Bet version in browsers as well mobile applications.

The outstanding advantages of playing at online casino (Part 2)

Because when you play online, you all play directly with the house, so these games become extremely interesting, which real life gambling cannot bring.

No worries about ‘financial deviation’

But if you play online, then the sky is open. If you win, the house still pays you extremely fair money, no matter how big or small the bet. As long as the money you paid is right for you, and you are happy with that, the house is ready to serve you, regardless of how much or less the player bet.

So, where to gamble online?

The online casino bookmakers offer online card games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, etc. You can play at the reputable bookmakers that we recommend and guarantee like the Empire777 dealer, M88 casino, Fun88 betting site or gambling at HappyLuke, etc.

In the house, there are usually two forms of online gambling as follows.

Playing as E-games

It’s still a card game, but you play against the dealer through an automated system that generates random results. Rest assured, reputable bookmakers guarantee the results are literally random and you don’t need to worry. How to play this speed arbitrary players.

Play Live Dealer

The games are dealt live cards, broadcast live via the dealer website. There are several ways of determining whether a live broadcast is really clear. This style of play is attractive and feels like a real casino for players. However, the speed is limited and fixed by the dealer and in fact is a bit slow.


If you get together with friends and find a way to have fun together, don’t hug each other with a phone, play card games together. But if you’re bored and bored because no one is playing, or just a few minutes of recess, or no ‘match’ players, welcome to online card games, 24/7 ready to serve you.