Overview of Dafabet online casino assessment (Part 2)


Dafabet offers 4 great reward programs for Live Dealer Sic Bo players – Cashback Club, Loyalty Club, VIP Lottery and Women’s Club.

The Cash Back Club is designed for players who place large bets on high monthly turnover. The Loyalty Club is designed for players who regularly place bets on a daily basis despite small numbers.

Banking services

Dafabet offers 6 deposit methods and 5 withdrawal methods including Neteller and Telegraphic Transfer. All methods are free and almost instant.

Dafabet offers easy banking procedures for Big Player players by allowing deposits and withdrawals up to $1,000,000.


Customer Support at Dafabet is done by real-time support staff and all our questions are answered in just over 21 minutes.

The customer support staff is very courteous and helpful, showing us relevant items on the site via clickable links.

There was a slight difference between the supporter’s information and the information printed on the banking service page, but the employee confirmed that his information was not up to date.


The house at Dafabet gives Sic Bo players a lot of personalities. They were dressed neatly and politely but each of them had their own presentation style. The last call for betting is clear and the button is displayed before the camera zooms in for the dice.

The favorite house is Cleo, who spins the dice in a very interesting way – she presses the button by opening her hand politely and then pressing the button with the palm of her hand.


Like other Playtech casinos, Dafabet offers an in-game chat option that allows you to communicate with the dealer.

On the top right of the screen is a large chat box displaying messages from the dealer. Sometimes we see the dealer responds to our messages by voice.

Dafabet offers 10 Live Dealer games, including five different types of Bacarat (Progress, Online, VIP, mini and scratch cards)

Dafabet also recognizes the importance of rewarding loyal customers and offers comprehensive VIP rewards for high stakes players. They have special bonuses for female players that offer the Women’s Club.

With an efficient and courteous Customer Support team, and a wide range of dealers, Dafabet casino offers you an excellent Live Dealer Sic Bo experience.

Overview of Dafabet online casino assessment (Part 1)

Here is the overview assessment of the Dafabet online casino. Let’s see whether this house is worth playing at or not.

Screen layout

Dafabet uses the same Playtech live feed as some of our other Live Dealer Casinos but with a clear and bright format.

The top of the screen shows the live video of the dealer and the dice. On the left is a clickable statistics tab that shows the results of the last six spins, bet payouts, table limits and information about live feeds. On the top right of the screen there is a large chat area.

The dice board is very clear and not cluttered with the betting chips displayed at the bottom left of the screen. An inconvenience is that the payoff for the Total bet is not displayed, although you can look through the Payout tab.

Overall, Dafabet offers the best playing experience in all Playtech casinos.

The betting process at Dafabet online casino

The betting process at Dafabet is very simple. Bets are confirmed almost immediately with a very clear confirmation message displayed on the screen. You can bet up to 2 seconds before the last call.

The game clock on the bottom right of the screen counts down from 30 seconds. There is a 7 second delay between the call for No More Bets and the spin. Spin the dice very quickly. The camera zooms in after each spin and stops at the dice until the next countdown starts.

The results are displayed clearly and the winning bet information is highlighted on this board for a few seconds. A very interesting point is a voice that tells you when your bet wins.

Limited table

Dafabet encourages big Sic Bo players by allowing large single bet limits. For example, each bet, the maximum you can bet is $ 1250, even in a single Triple bet with a payoff of 180 over 1, meaning you will be able to win $225,000. This has been verified with Customer Support staff via Live Chat.

Play speed

We tried Dafabet at different times of day and night. In most cases, the time between games varies from 74 to 116 seconds, ie an average of 40 games per hour. However, we found that on weekends, the playing speed can be as fast as 45 seconds, which is 80 games per hour.

The dealer changes every 20 minutes but changes very quickly and takes less than 60 seconds.

Review of Dafabet online casino. Is it a good site to play at?


One of the sites that online players can use to play card games is Dafabet casino. The site was launched in 2004 without violating the Philippines’ authority.

The site is currently licensed by Cagayana Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) and the First Cagayan. This casino is considered Asia’s leading betting site with a collection of live casino, casino games, poker games and a variety of other online casino products.

First, let’s look at the factors that make a online casino safe and trusted as follows.

1. Refer to information online

It is now the internet age. Reputable casinos are often rated by players at forums or social networking groups. The more people mention the page, the more it will have a large customer base.

2. Play without money

Do so to ensure you are playing in a fair and appropriate environment. You should experience many different casinos before choosing for yourself a reputable casino

3. Try making a small transaction

After you have decided on the appropriate casino site, you need to try it one last time to make sure it is a reputable site and does not deceive customers.

Products of Dafabet

Dafabet mainly provides sports and sports betting for online bookmakers. The site also offers Live casio, online poker and many casino games such as video slots and card games. Players can enjoy many casinos at sites like Sapphire Club, Diamond Club, Jade Club, Topaz Club, Black Pearl Club, and Ruby Club.

When talking about slots, players can enjoy both three-axis and five-axis slots with lots of different rounds of bonuses. Their famous slot games with the Marvel Comics theme and even the Pink Panther. They also have table and card games like video poker, Sic Bo, Baccarat, blackjack and many other card games.


Dafabet may be known for their sports, but another thing that players love in this online casino is their online gambling and casino games. Their promotion is very generous to the player and it is also one of the requirements of the player when choosing a casino site to play.