How to play 3 card poker in online casino Malaysia


If you’re bored with original poker, playing 3 card poker is a great solution. In brief, 3 card poker in online casino Malaysia was inspired from a poker variant fictional by Derek Webb in 1994.

About game rule, it is completely different from the origin poker in online casino. Basically, it is against the dealer and different players.

Since it was launched, it became a popular game in the worldwide as a result of extremely strategic gameplay from the manufacturer. Along development of the internet, 3 card poker are available in online casinos in Malaysia.

How to play it well

During game, your goal is to own a strong hand with solely 3 cards. Although your mission is not against dealer and player, you have to fight with them to keep card on your hand. If you break the rule or make an error, it doesn’t affect to different players on this match.

The game begins when you try and wager money, at least minimum as fixed requirement from the site. You and dealer are provided 3 cards as ticket to come the destination.

It is better that you should carefully check your cards to understand whether or not to position a bet to protect them from the dealer. When you fold hand, immediately it is going to be over. So the dealer can take advantage of this choice to collect all ante bets and try and bets.

Once you confirm to play, the cardboard will be shown off to know whose hand is higher, whether your hand or dealer’s hand.

In final result, if the dealer can’t overcome condition, you will win the ante bet and receive rewards from the host. It may be cash or promotion for collecting each ante and play bets.