The detailed instructions on how to play Blackjack at online casino (Part 1)

Blackjack has long been one of the most popular money-making games in the casino world, especially online casinos.

How to play Blackjack is not difficult but quite simple. Whoever has the necessary skills in playing Blackjack will surely win big.

1. The rules to play backjack

The Blackjack game is made with a different deck of 52 cards. Each game will have from 6 to 7 players. In the way of playing Blackjack, there are necessary skills such as: draw cards, play cards, split cards and memorize the scoring method of this game.

Each player will be issued two different cards in a round. Based on the score of the first two cards played, the player decides whether to draw the next card from the dealer. Note how to play Blackjack, the players must not draw more than 21 points on the cards. The dealer must put up a hand when his / her total score is above 17.

Regarding the ability to split cards in playing Blackjack, after receiving two cards from the dealer, if it is the same two cards, the player has the right to split into two different capacities but still have the same playing account. In each game, players are only allowed one card at a time.

The score in Blackjack game is calculated as follows.

Pieces 2 – 10 are graded as usual.

The pieces from J – K are counted as 10.

Piece A has 2 ways of calculating points 1 and 10 for two cases where the total points of the cards are bigger and smaller than 11.

That is a summary of the skills that players need to master in playing Blackjack. Just knowing them, players absolutely have a chance to win the house in every game of online Blackjack.

2. The steps to play backjack in online casino

To participate in playing Blackjack at Malaysia online, players need to choose a suitable house and have this game. Some reputable bookmakers that you can refer to such as Empire777, HappyLuke, Letou, HappiStar, etc.