Instructions you need to know to register to join Bodog online casino

When participating in any entertainment game at the house, you also need to have an account. Having an account will help you do this. Here are the steps to set up an account at Bodog.

Step 1: Click register

Visit the Bodog dealer homepage. Click on REGISTER NOW yellow at the bottom. After accessing the Bodog homepage, the player observes the upper right corner with the word Join now.

Click on it will appear registration information box. Players need to fill out the information in that form to complete the Bodog registration procedure.

Step 2: Fill in all the registration form of the required house

Username: Participants can choose their preferred username. Please note that you do not choose to use the same username other users have used.

Email: Enter a valid and active email address so the dealer can contact, introduce bonuses, promotions or issues related to depositing and withdrawing money at Bodog.

Email confirmation: Participant re-enters his or her correct email again.

Password: Enter your own security password. Do not disclose this information to anyone.

Confirm Password: The player re-enters his password again.

Personal information when opening a game account at BODOG online casino

Please provide your correct personal information, to receive promotions, bonuses and confirm deposits and withdraw money quickly and conveniently.

Name: Enter your name according to ID

Full name: Enter your first and last name using your ID

Name: Choose a gender to easily call you or your sister

Date of birth: Month / day / year

City: Select the city where you live

Currency: Please always select US Dollar when you register.

Phone number: Provide a valid, contactable phone number for Bodog dealers to provide promotions, bonuses, notices regarding deposits and withdrawals.

Security question: Choose a security question of yourself. Don’t let others know, help you find your password if it is lost or stolen.

Answer: Answer the security question and please remember your answer.

Promotion code: no need to enter.

Step 3: Confirm the account successfully registered

Click SEND NOW to complete the house play account registration. As a rule, each member is allowed to register for an entertainment account in Bodog. This Malaysia online casino uses the most innovative software technology to ensure fairness, advanced security measures. Monitoring 24/24 to ensure safety, security for the game.

Above is the instructions to register to join Bodog online casino. Good luck!