Master the Code

An Introduction to PACE and Master the Code

A Need Recognized

PACE is a powerful and effective Cognitive Skills training program. It has been under development and refinement for the past 15 plus years. PACE is the fruit of, and used, by educators and professionals across the country.

A Need Now Met

PACE utilizes a powerful one-on-one delivery technique through trained providers to maximize the growth in a student's cognitive abilities. PACE incorporates sound scientific research, and proven therapy and training techniques in a unique, fun, and effective package. Check here to read more highlights of the PACE system and approach.

Reading the Key to a Life of Successful Learning

PACE deals with cognitive skill development through non-academic training and procedures. This creates a solid foundation of underlying learning skills to serve the student for a lifetime in a variety of learning challenges. Without these general skills, learning is at best difficult and frustrating. At worst, it is impossible. One special academic skill rises to the level of necessity claimed by cognitive skills. That is reading. In response to this critical importance, LearningRx developed Master the Code, a reading program to compliment the cognitive training PACE provides with powerful reading enhancement. Master the Code is an effective, sound-to-code approach to reading that takes full advantage of the cognitive training offered by PACE. The premise of Master the Code is that every student can improve in reading. The result gained by combining Master the Code with PACE training is a guaranteed 3-year gain in reading levels in 12 to 15 weeks. Many students gain even more.

Results are Your Learning Center's Best Product

PACE and Master the Code produce consistent, positive, life-changing results. These results create satisfied and enthusiastic clients. Referrals are delivered easily with the confidence that makes them infectious. Your learning center will benefit as your students grow. Fantastic results will become your most powerful product, and your most effective advertisement. Consider the many satisfied testimonies of PACE providers, parents and students. What could satisfied clients like these mean for your business?

A National Program

PACE is involved with a variety of professionals and educators across the nation. These people are devoted to keeping PACE the nation's best cognitive skill enhancement program. The real soldiers, however, are the PACE providers who are in the frontline of the cognitive skills training effort.

Contact a PACE Provider

Many of our providers welcome your phone call to share their perspective as an active PACE trainer and business owner. These professionals have graciously given their permission to be used as references. They are each active PACE providers and trainers. Please respect their time and choose one to contact. Copyright 2015