Treats Underlying Skills

PACE is a COGNITIVE SKILLS ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM. This is in contrast with an academic tutoring program. Academic tutoring focuses on exposing students to specific academic information (such as algebra, history, poetry, or spelling) and seeks to help them understand, remember, and use this specific academic information. PACE does not teach academic information. PACE exercises, trains, and strengthens (rather than teaching or tutoring) the underlying learning skills necessary to allow the student to process, understand, remember, and use all manner of specific academic information. A student may not be able to pass a math test because he hasn't been exposed to the information on the test. In the simplest scenario, perhaps the student is new to the district and his previous school hasn't yet covered fractions, and that is what the new school is testing on. If that is the only problem, tutoring in the subject specifics might be the answer. Cognitive skills come into play in an entirely different (and much more common) scenario: A student repeatedly has trouble passing his history test. He is in school regularly. He tries to pay attention in class. Other students seem to get the information, so the teacher must be presenting it in a useful way, but he just can't seem to 'get' the concepts. Very often this is due to one or more underlying learning skills being weak or underdeveloped. PACE is designed to identify and strengthen the specific underlying skills that are hindering this student's learning capacity.

Fills the Learning Gap

PACE "Fills the Gap" for learning centers that are training symptoms and not able to address the root causes of learning difficulties. Indications of symptom gaps are: Students who can't progress as fast or as far as they should or as the material demands. Students who face repeat troubles with every new academic level introduced. Students who the learning center simply avoids because they are unable to help them enough to justify the tutoring fees. Learning centers facing these challenges will be helped and broadened significantly through offering PACE training to its students.

Creates a Well Rounded Learner

PACE training enhances the cognitive base for learning in any student. In any student, facing any learning challenge, this enhanced base or learning capacity creates a fuller, better-equipped learner. No longer does the student have to hide in 'favorite' subjects and avoid dreaded ones. He or she has a full set of learning tools to bring to a variety of learning challenges.

Builds on Accurate Testing of Specific Skills

PACE does not rely on general IQ averages. PACE doesn't label students LD or ADD because of specific learning to potential ratios. It doesn't have to, because with PACE you know the whole array of learning skills can be enhanced. Accurate testing that discriminates between various specific learning skills such as short-term memory, auditory and visual processing, blending and segmenting sounds, and analysis enables the PACE provider to target and strengthen any weak skills that hinder the student's ability to learn.

Treats Root Causes

PACE is the most powerful training system in the country for identifying and training root, or underlying weak cognitive skills. Not only can it identify and treat specific weak skills, but PACE can change and strengthen those skills dramatically. A student hindered in learning by weak cognitive skills will be delivered from that learning burden through PACE's powerful training procedures. PACE changes a person's ability to learn at its core.

Strengthens Skills Before Adding Academic Stress

The PACE approach uses unique, non-academic training procedures. By non-academic, it is meant that PACE procedures don't require content memorization and other academic applications. The procedures are interactive, sequenced, and powerful. No one in PACE is required to apprehend a particular body of information. Rather, the PACE student is drilled in powerful, mentally challenging routines. Lesson preparation is not the key. Drill participation and focus does the life-changing work.

Strengthens Skills That Are Universally Applicable

Because PACE trains and strengthens underlying cognitive skills that are used in all learning situations, the gains you experience through PACE training flow seamlessly into any and every learning challenge you might face. Because these skills are exercised every time you are required to learn something new, they will be constantly exercised and experience growth. PACE skill training is truly training for life ...a better life in every way.

Is Purposely Intense

PACE is intense. It is intense for a reason. PACE isn't an academic subject a person needs to become familiar with. It is a series of exercises that challenge and stress the weak areas and processes of the brain to make them stronger, broader, and more effective. Only an intense, one-on-one program with highly developed and focused training procedures can bring about the huge changes that have come to be the norm for PACE students.

Produces Rapid, Predictable Results

Slow, minor changes do nothing for the motivation and self esteem of a student. Slow, small results can actually become the final barrier to fun and easy learning that causes a student to lose hope and give up. PACE is devoted to, and able to produce, rapid, large, recognizable changes. The program is designed to be completed in 12 short weeks. The remarkable gains in cognitive and learning ability achieved in those 12 weeks is measured in years and not fractions of a year. Motivation and esteem soar when students themselves see and feel the difference.

Is Systematic (Steps Are Outlined)

PACE is intense and effective, but it is not overwhelming. The procedures are administered in 'bite size' pieces. Drills progress at the rate of the advancement of the students, but still push and load the skills to facilitate rapid, permanent change. Neither student nor trainer needs to guess how they are doing in the program. Systematic reviews keep both trainer and student fully informed of progress. The system of procedures also quickly alerts the provider when a student needs more time on a particular level or procedure.

Encourages Incremental Progress That is Easily Seen

Students and trainers benefit from the PACE design as well as the process. Sessions are incremental, sequenced and loaded (increased difficulty and diversity). These steps produce measurable, step by step progress that is easy for the student to see. Motivation soars when progress is rapid, visible, and measurable.

Produces Masurable Results at All Stages of the Program

The students experience measurable growth at every stage of the program. There is no need to wait until the program is complete to see 'if it worked'. Each stage of training is complete with review and measurable growth indicators.

Is Delivered One-On-One

One of the most powerful features of the PACE program is its delivery system. PACE is designed to be administered one-on-one. This one-on-one setting maximizes training effectiveness through immediate feedback and error correction, face-to-face illustration of sound formation, and real time observation of student progress. In the early development of PACE, various training settings were explored. Results shot up in both rate of gain and the rapidity of those gains when the one-on-one was tested. One-on-one training produces the most dynamic, rapid growth in underlying skills. PACE delivers that setting and those results.

Is Fun

PACE is fun. Students aren't simply doing more schoolwork. They are interacting in a variety of drills that challenge and excite them. Rapid progress helps them see that the hard work is paying off, and it keeps the training fun. Each session will consist of several procedures, so boredom is never a problem.

Impresses Parents with Process and Progress

It is not only students who see progress through PACE. Parents will see results very quickly. In many cases, they have struggled with their child's problems for years. Many feel guilt or frustration over failed past efforts. The rapid, obvious progress and positive attitude of their child will be especially sweet and encouraging to these struggling parents. Love and hope finally has a name when they think of their child's learning future: PACE.

Leads to Big, Fast Gains

PACE produces big, fast gains in underlying learning skills. These are important. It is not simply impatience that requires rapid gains. A student's motivation and encouragement are built on seeing and experiencing progress throughout their training. Because of its outstanding results, PACE is the most encouraging skills training program available.

Develops the Ability to Learn

Unlike tutoring, PACE rapidly and permanently develops a person's ability to learn. This enhanced learning ability will serve them in every stage of life, and in every learning environment.

Uses a Unique Approach

The components of the PACE program (one-on-one training, sequenced, loaded procedures, non-academic content and methods, the intensity of a twelve week program) combine to make it unique in the learning industry. Other products may offer one or two areas of training, but none offers the comprehensive, skill building, life-changing system that PACE does.

Will Develop Underlying Skills Far Beyond Average

PACE not only identifies and strengthens weak underlying skills. It addresses the whole spectrum of cognitive skills through a wide range of training procedures, and boosts the whole skill base of the student to new levels. This sets PACE apart as both a remedial and an enhancement program. Students of all skill levels can benefit greatly from the PACE training. Poor students improve. Good students become great learners. Great students learn faster and easier than ever before.

Helps Put Kids Back Mainstream (from special ed)

One of the tragedies in modern education in America is that the Special Education Programs have become dead-end in most schools. Teachers and administrators are frustrated and heart-broken over the fact that children entering the Special Education program rarely move back into mainstream classes. Far too often, special education is the equivalent of a slow learner's life sentence. This does not reflect the dedication or expertise of the program directors or teachers. Rather, it reveals the lack of training in specific programs that effectively change the foundational learning skills. PACE fills that gap. Through its powerful and unique drills and mental exercises, PACE gets to the core of learning by dramatically and permanently improving basic cognitive skills. PACE is the tool every dedicated Special Ed teacher is looking for.

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