PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
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The reaction of parents to their children's progress proves the program's worth.The program is helping to build lives and rebuild self-esteem.The parent's gratitude is part of the reward.


from Carla and Randy Brock – Parents with PACE – Somerset, KY
Well, we finished MTC up to Lesson 22, completed 72 hours of PACE, and Patricia took the post-test. Actually, we probably did more like 85+ hours because she would do 'homework' which she didn't always write down. She did show great improvement in many areas…So we were thrilled and happy we took the time and money to send her off that much better for college. The best news, however, is that in reality it paid off. She is doing very well at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. As a matter of fact, so far she has made an A on a psychology test, A on New Testament, C in algebra – but even good students whom she thought would do great did much worse. She has a goal to get an academic scholarship with a 3.7 GPA, and we think she can do it. She is more motivated, and enjoying being a student than we have ever seen her…I think PACE, the improvement in her scores, and just us spending that extra preparation time with her knowing how much sacrifice we were making at the extremely busy time of the play ground industry, helped boost her self esteem. Thanks for your time, patience, and great program….Blessings on your business, family, and staff.
Randy & Carla Brock


from Karie Goeth – Parent with PACE turned PACE provider – Durango, CO
I love the program and am already sure it is going to help Kirsten. I am truly amazed that she can do the 20 presidents forward, backward, and tell you who is in front or behind any of them. (This is a child who has been working on her times tables for 3 years.) Her self-esteem is already improving. What she needed most was to be successful and I really feel this program is going to help her do that. Thanks for everything.
Things are going well. It's much easier to get Kirsten to do PACE than it was FastForWord. I see some real improvements and she does too. Thanks!
Karie Goeth


Letters of Gratitude!



Jo Anne Saunders - Parent with PACE turned PACE provider – Oxford, NC
We are enjoying the benefits of the PACE program. My son Greg's progress report card came home today and he did great!!! He passed all subjects and had only 1 D! Last year he had straight F's despite hours and hours of homework, tutoring, and resource room support. This year, after PACE, he doesn't have any support systems in place and he is able to get these wonderful grades on his own. Best of all he has time to ride his bike and play outside with the other children! He has a life outside of schoolwork! Bless you and all the PACE staff.
I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be the one who watched Greg grow and achieve after all this time. Our bond is much stronger after having done this program. Additionally, I am now able to repeat the program with him as he still has some areas of weakness despite an average of three years growth. Greg, initially started out very reluctant but the program has built-in rewards and I just had to go mega size with my prizes initially because he was so reluctant to try. After a few weeks into the program, Greg was able to see the difference and was very proud of his ability to achieve. His grades started to improve a little but mostly the initial biggest difference and motivating factor was that his homework time went down significantly and he knew is was because of PACE. As time progressed, other rewards would be very motivating to him. He is no longer called 'retard' at school. His teachers are very supportive of him and tell him how much he has improved. Frankly, prior to PACE he was known as an angry, aggressive kid. Now, the same people last year that recommended he be put in a special school love him and cannot believe that this child is the same boy…His emotional development was suffering because he was continually placed in situations that he failed in.
The program is nothing short of fabulous. We did not do anything other than PACE and Vision Therapy with Greg at the time of his success although we have tried lots of other things in the past with little success. The Vision Therapy program was also developed by Dr. Ken Gibson years ago. We did have initial resistance with Greg to the program as he was always 'being remediated' in the past and continued to fail. He thought it would be more of the same but we told him the truth, this was to be our last attempt to help resolve his learning problems. The program has build-in rewards and we made sure that his rewards were very motivating to him. It worked like a charm. As for the amount of time, I spent one hour a day, giving one-on-one therapy for twelve weeks. We developed a routine and both knew that there was an end in sight. After a few weeks into the program, we started to see big improvements and the program itself became a very positive experience. I honestly recommend this program with my whole heart. It has allowed my son to succeed in school, and some additional byproducts of that are that he is no longer an angry person and people like him.
Jo Anne Saunders



June 4, 1999
Learning Foundations -San Antonio, TX
Hugh Ames, Director

Dear PACE Director,
The PACE program has made it possible for our son to become an achiever. The problems John was having did not just involve his learning skills, but his self-esteem as well. Through the PACE program and his instructor, John was able to achieve or exceed the goals that were presented to him. He no longer sees his education as being frustrating or overwhelming. Nor is John the shy boy who would walk with his head down. We were surprised to see such a dramatic change in such a short period of time. John is now an outgoing and enthusiastic child. We feel that the results were so quick due to the personalization that the program offered. It emphasized on the specific problems and did not waste time on areas that John did not need.
My husband and I are so grateful that the PACE program led John to achieve his potential. John was recently promoted to the 2nd grade. We thank God. We feel that it's due to John's new method of learning. Within a short period of time I feel he convinced the school administrators that he is able to conquer 1st and 2nd grade and any other obstacle put to him.
We could not be prouder of his progress. John is now on the right track to success.
Thank you,
Holly Marie Vitalle




to Donna Lionne-Reardon, Jackson, WY
Reed was probably a more difficult student as he has been dealing with some emotional issues. These issues compounded his self-image, low self-esteem, and reluctance to make mistakes in the learning process.
The PACE program has improved his ability to memorize, remember facts, organize thoughts, increase his speed in accomplishing tasks, and most importantly, Reed has a sense of self-worth.
Reed enjoyed working with Jennifer and I am impressed with Jennifer's attention to Reed as I am aware how difficult he can be at times. When Reed began his medication, his ability to concentrate and his willingness to cooperate greatly improved. Thank you for not giving up on him!
Reed also loved the prizes he earned with Jennifer. She was quite thoughtful in his interests. Thanks, Jennifer.

to Donna Lionne-Reardon From Allie and Charles Moth:
The PACE program took Jenna back to the basics of learning sounds of letters and groups of letters. It encouraged Jenna to use wider learning and established skills needed to read, memorize, comprehend, etc. This program has taken our daughter from a level of struggling and frustration to a level of excitement, enthusiasm, and capability. Jenna and ourselves still need to work on confidence skills, and we need to help Jenna realize her capabilities.
The program is not inexpensive, but we would highly recommend it as a great investment into a child's future.
Both Donna and Jennifer (PACE provider and trainer) are extraordinary ladies. Donna presents the program in a professional, yet warm and caring manner. Jennifer was an excellent teacher with Jenna and us, helping us understand the homework, etc. She too was professional, yet wonderfully caring. Jenna loved working with Jennifer, which in turn inspired Jenna to want to work and enjoy her learning.
Thank you for making the program available to us.
Allie and Charles Moth



Testimonials from Parents working with Lisa Lee, Cumming, GA

Testimonial from Nina Shriver
Before Billy started the PACE program, he was failing every subject and consistently in trouble at school. His self-esteem was extremely low and he had given up on himself. Now that Billy has gone through the PACE program he is doing great! In school his grades have gone from all F's to A's, B's, and C's. Billy was so excited when he saw the progress he was making at home, church, and his studies at school. There are so many other children that have been misdiagnosed by the school system. They get pushed aside, "fall through the cracks”, and lose out on their education. If one has trouble processing information and your short-term memory is low, how much information could you have obtained by age 16? Not much! Thank-you PACE and Lisa Lee for giving our son a chance to feel successful.
Nina E. Shriver

from Vicki Guthry
Prior to PACE, Andy, our 8 year old, was failing every subject but spelling. Andy has ADHD and is on a low dosage medication, however, PACE has changed his entire education/learning abilities. We are thrilled! Andy had no self-esteem or confidence at school which terribly affected his social skills as well as at home. PACE was, no doubt, a total commitment for our whole family for 5 months. But, the reward has been so fantastic. The 2nd grade teachers cannot believe the major improvement in Andy's learning capabilities and grades. He is now excelling in reading, spelling, language arts, and other subjects. Please give PACE and Lisa Lee a try! It has absolutely changed Andy's life!
Vicki Guthry


from Mrs. Kathryn Velos
Before Carl came to the LEAP Center and trained with Lisa using the PACE program, he struggled with completing his schoolwork in class, remembering his school
books, and staying on task at school and home. Since completion of PACE, Carl finishes all of his class work on time or early, hasn't forgotten to bring home his school books, isn't as easily distracted, and can stay on task at home with chores and cleaning, along with classroom activities. He used to dread report cards and progress reports. Now he looks forward to seeing how many A's and B's he has. Six months ago I couldn't have imagined such improvements! Thank you Lisa and PACE! We couldn't have done it without you!
Kathryn Velos, MS

from Donna Criss
Although my son was at first an unwilling participant in PACE – his improvement has been easy to see. In between sessions he hated PACE but during and after lessons he was happy to be doing it. Lisa has a great rapport with Artie and her way of encouraging and challenging while making him accountable was a great help to him. I feel the bond between them (and us) will continue and help spur Artie on even after we're finished with sessions. The processes used in PACE are amazing and such a wonderful thing to see how quickly the benefits happen. My own brain is begging for PACE – maybe someday. The cost for us was very high – we had to borrow money but the money was not too much for the benefits we see and expect to continue to see. The information the testing reveals is so helpful to understand how to approach Artie when he is underachieving. I'm thanking God we found PACE and Lisa Lee. I do often recommend the PACE program.
Donna Criss


from Marlie Gross
My child participated in the PACE program over the summer months, so I haven't had an opportunity to see the effect it will have on his grades yet. However, I have seen an amazing difference in his confidence and self-image! He is also able to concentrate in a room full of distractions, for the first time. His memory seems to have improved as well as his ability to comprehend what he reads. My son played in four golf tournaments during the summer break, and appeared to be more focused and able to concentrate. Being able to achieve success and see changes in his performance with each session is extremely rewarding for my child and me! Learning the names of all the U.S. Presidents, in order, after only a few sessions was truly a ‘turning point' in my child's life! ‘Miss' Lisa will always hold a special place in our hearts!
Marlie Gross

from Ms. Danielle Gault
The PACE program helped my child improve her cognitive reasoning skills. Her weakness was in auditory processing and we can tell a difference in her auditory processing skills since completing the program. The program also seemed to help increase her maturity level when it relates to receiving instruction and also in comprehending situations. PACE is an excellent program and I wish the school programs recognized processing issues of this nature and could offer some of the exercises of PACE.
Danielle Gault

from Karen Belton
Monique has always (up to now) been unsure of herself. Now she never second-guesses herself. She has learned to have confidence in her school work and relationships. Monique does not switch her letters backwards anymore – (b, d, p, q). This has made her reading much faster and more fluent. Some of the homework was hard at times, but we broke it down into smaller lessons. She was really motivated every week because her instructor would reward her for every level passed. Some days she passed 3 or 4, other days 10-11. It took about 8-10 sessions and then I really began to notice significant changes in her reading, concentration, and comprehension. This program has changed Monique's attitude toward reading tremendously. Now, I do not have to push her to pick up a book because she has achieved the skills to read.
Karen Belton


Comments from parents whose children worked at The Brain Cell
Provider - Anna Cunerty


My son Barry works faster. His comprehension has improved. He seems to be more self-motivated when it comes to doing his homework. This year in school he seems to be much more organized. Homework also seems to be less of a struggle. Before I had to always be after him to get started. This year he seems to be accomplishing this task more on his own. He enjoyed PACE. Never once did he complain about attending these classes. – Mrs. Beldon

My daughter feels more confident doing school homework. Her pronunciation of words has improved. – Mrs. Frakes

The most significant improvement that I have noticed is in Tawny's reading. Her word attack skills are improving. She also is writing much more legibly. I have also noticed an increased self-esteem/awareness in Tawny. The progress sometimes felt slow, but her teacher has noticed a great improvement as reflected on her 1st quarter report card. She always looked forward to her sessions with you and never griped about doing the homework. – Dr. Rose

My son improved his reading comprehension 2 years in just 10 weeks. His I.Q. points increased 20 points. I'm amazed and would recommend PACE to anyone interested in improving their child's grades. Thanks so much! – Mrs. Stadler

Carl's frustration level with all study-related work has reduced. He can focus on tasks longer and keep at a problem area without giving up so quickly. It's good for parents to work with their child closely and see their improvement in the different areas. Parent involvement is crucial to understanding your child's progress and difficulties. – Mrs. Bonds

This is an outstanding program, well worth the time and money. You can't put a price on helping your child. This focused program is very helpful. Teaming the child with the same trainer each week is essential. They build a trust and rapport that increases their success. – Mrs. Bristol

Before the PACE program, my son was having trouble focusing in school. The homework was a battleground each night. He was discouraged at school and had stopped trying. After five weeks in the PACE program, he came home and completed all his homework assignments by himself for the first time. Occasionally, he still slides back into his old ways, but the improvement in his work habits has been significant, as well as the peace that has been restored to our family. – Mrs. Ling

Thank-you, you were all so wonderful. Anthony has improved in homework attitude and attention and I know he's not the easiest person to work with. All of you, I appreciate everything you've done. I look forward to continuing to work with you in subject tutoring for Anthony. – Mrs. Marquez

I have seen my son's attitude improve in terms of his willingness to be responsible for his work. He is accountable in his actions and has not missed any assignments since starting the program. It seems to have "matured"him in his attitude towards the importance of diligence toward his studies. – Mrs. DeHahn

Craig enjoyed the training, even the homework. Although it is difficult to assess his progress, the first difference we observed was his confidence level. He had hope. This made all the difference. He recently wrote an essay. It reflected a more organized thinking process and it flowed nicely. It even contained his humor which indicated that there was a comfort level with writing that I hadn't seen before. –Mrs. O'Donnell


My daughter, Nicole, has completed the PACE program. She feels much better about herself. PACE has made it possible for Nicole to move on to the 5th grade. Nicole is very happy. Her memory has improved. – Mrs. Madison

The most noticeable area we have seen improvement in our son has been his self-esteem. He has more confidence in trying things than ever before. He is much more open to new things and people. Even our neighbors have noticed a change in him. His interaction with groups of kids is much improved, especially with younger children. He no longer sits back and watches what is going on – he gets involved. He has also become a "question machine”. He has been asking questions about things he sees and conversations he hears. This is something he never did before the PACE program. Although, he still seems uninterested in picking up a book, he has started reading signs, billboards, headlines in the newspaper, etc. Again, this is something he would never have attempted before this program. He will be starting Junior High School next week and he "can't wait for school to start”. With this type of attitude, he is bound to do well (better) in school. Although, he has not done well in grade school and has a lot of catch-up work to do – he feels like he can do it! – Mrs. Kindley

Although Bradley still has to be coaxed to read books, he seems to be able to keep involved in a book more easily. When he read aloud to me, his manner in which he reads seems to be more confident, unlike before when I'd ask him to read aloud, he's seem unsure in the manner in which he spoke. I think that had a lot to do with his vocabulary and pronunciation of the words. He does not like to make mistakes. I ask him how PACE has helped him in school. He said it helps him to read more quickly, understand what he reads, and he feels good about this. It is too early to know the full effect of PACE until he's been in school for a few months, but I never had a problem getting Bradley to come to his sessions nor to do his homework he was assigned. – Mrs. Reese

I really regret not enrolling Ken in PACE 2-3 years ago. We are now playing catch-up. My main goal was/is to improve his reading comprehension, we are not there yet. We have completed the first step and that was to assure that Ken really understands phonics. He can more accurately break up syllables and pronounce and finally create words, all on his own. This in itself is a tremendous accomplishment for Ken. His confidence has increased overall. He is also able to make transitions better or more easily. He is able to stay on task longer. His math addition and subtraction speed has increased. Overall, I am pleased with his exposure to new skills in the education process. PACE, thank you for your efforts with my son. – Mrs. Otero

When Catherine started the program she was having trouble with hearing specific sounds. She seems as if she can break down and separate the sounds in words better. Her schoolwork seems to be easier for her. She has more of a focus on the tasks at hand. She is faster with her schoolwork and she is very proud of her work and improvements! So am I! – Mrs. Lutino

My daughter has been enrolled in the PACE program with Anna Cunerty in Upland, CA for just about 3 weeks now and it's already made a terrific difference in our lives. She usually tests horribly, but yesterday she took an entrance exam for a new school and scored 2 years above her current grade level on 2 of the 3 areas measured! Thank you soooo much for this program.– Mr. Roger Grandy

I just wanted to say thanks again – not for doing PACE with us, but for all of your advice and instruction on getting help for Krista. She is doing so much better, and every time I think about where we'd be without intervention…I'm just so happy that prompted me to send this thank you note! – Lois Best

I was a little skeptical at first, but the change has been so great! My child has more confidence than before and is more prepared. I would recommend this program to anyone. – Mrs. Pierce


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