The Ultimate Learning Tool for Maximizing Learning Potential

Welcome to PACE, and thanks for taking the time to explore the PACE opportunity in depth.

The resources on this site will help you evaluate the PACE program as an educational tool and as instrument to help your business grow.

At LearningRx, we are certain that PACE training, offered through your learning center, will enhance your business and dramatically enrich your students. Time after time, we've experienced the amazing results alluded to in the literature and video you've seen. If you are questioning these results, as you should be, we trust many of your questions will be answered through the links below. Others, beyond the scope of this site, will be answered directly, through hands-on demonstrations, at your first meeting with your PACE representative. So, dig deep. You will discover one of education's most powerful, life-changing tools. You will also discover that it is well within your grasp. Thanks again for investigating the PACE possibilities. We look forward to meeting and working with you soon. Copyright 2015