Best Winning Online Malaysia Casino Strategy

This article will discuss tips and strategy how to win Malaysia online casino. If you determine to know which strategy in Malaysia Casino Online works more effectively and legally everywhere, following this sharing to find valuable experience for yourself.

The fact that, when you are a gambler or player for betting, you should improve unique experience and strategy during the process. This helps you to earn more money from the comfort of home. Besides it, you feel relaxing and happy for the next time.

1st STRATEGY: Betting combinations among factors: red, black, odd and money

Per color has different function for betting.

For example, when you place betting for red or black, you can’t grow up ability for your predictions in one accuracy pocket.

Another example for odds. Whether you place betting on 1-18 or 19-36 as well high or low level, all odds are the same. It means it has no difference in street bets or corners.

2nd STRATEGY: Single zero with double 0

If you are an inexperienced gambler, you will simply think that you will have twice chance of winning when you collect enough two green pockets.

The fact that the casino and bookmaker always have twice the advantages of winning than normal gambler. So you should be careful to choice options both single and double zero pockets.

The betting tables and payouts are familiar for all betting match. It’s hard to distinguish special thing for you. Also there is no tip for choosing correctly. It should be chosen by experience and feeling of per person.

3rd STRATEGY: Different between a strategy and a system

Some gamblers are confusing between a strategy and a system, even they think it is the same. But actually, it is completely different.

A system is defined that it is a method of selection when placing betting while strategy belongs to your plan to make final decision.

Top Best New Malaysia Online Casino Games 2018

According to the popularity of games in Malaysia Online Games, many manufacturer invest to build up the app for games, both completely new and changed some versions compared the old.

Online casino players always are looking forward to the updated app so that they receive more funny games. This article is top the best new Malaysia Online Casino Games in 2018 which has been collected from sites of Malaysia Online Games. Following up it and find the new game which you have not yet tried with new version.

1/ Reef Run Online Slot

Reef Run Online Slot is a hot game in online casino Malaysia which is one of the most innovative online casino games to ever hit the internet and attract huge amount of player in 2018.

If you like the animal in the ocean like crabs, octopuses, sea horses or lobsters, this game is proper for you.

2/ House of Doom Online Slot

Following this game, it leads you to an interesting adventure which it call back memories of horror films and childhood.

Seer symbol is extremely powerful with the potential ability to look into the future and many reward as well bonus for you.

3/ Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

As soon as launched, this game has made powerful waves in the Malaysia casino online market. It seems a tsunami to attract millions of player every day.

It is based on classic Texas Hold’em but there is some changes about concept like dealer instead of the host and no bet following the river card.

4/ Age of The Gods Live Roulette

Someone calls this game as a roulette revolution because the player can play it on smartphone or laptop. It becomes more convenient and comfortable for them.

Coming into this game, you can discover the mythical backdrop where you have to bet classic roulette connected with Playtech’s famous jackpot pools.

4 positive things going on in the betting industry

Nowadays, people like betting as a relaxing enjoyment. So there are many Casino online Malaysia created and developed through various editions such as: Reef Run Online Slot, House of Doom Online Slot, Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker or Age of The Gods Live Roulette.

The fact that, betting becomes a hot industry to make huge revenue for dealer, producer and even gambles. This following is 4 positive things when you bet the Casino online Malaysia.

1/ Big Data Improves Marketing

Big data is a valuable source in the world of gambling. Via betting or playing games online, the dealer can make more revenue from advertising.

Generally, advertising rules can be strict in some countries so gambling companies have to work carefully.

2/ More Power is now in the Hands of Gamblers and Consumers

This is positive for gamblers and consumers because they have ability to reach more bonus and rewards. In the past, comparison about odds of bookmakers was difficult. Seeming that dealer and player bet it based on the felling and experience. But recently, this case has been improved dramatically.

There are websites serving to compare offers from dozens of companies or odds of other Casino online Malaysia before you place your bet. So rate of winning is higher and safer.

3/ Odds Are Updated in Real-Time

As the new rule, the bookmakers have to update the odds to gamblers gradually and continuously. It means that you can keep update total news as soon as you follow it daily. It seems particularly useful, especially when you bet in sports. It is easy to watch sports event live and react it with the bets you place.

4/ Apps Mean That Gambling is Going Mainstream

Betting has never been more popular and convenient that it is right now. Your task is download an app quickly on your smart phone then place a bet in a matter of seconds. It’s easy for consumers.

Reef Run Online Slot- Hot online casino Malaysia game

Almost player are looking forward to the hyped game releases for this old version to get newly interesting experience.

Reef Run Online Slot is a hot game in online casino Malaysia which is one of the most innovative online casino games to ever hit the internet and attract huge amount of player in this year.

How is the new version with new features? This answer will be explained detail in the following article.

Overview about Reef Run Online

This game is the achievement of Yggdrasil- the gaming industry’s most mythical software house. So it has an outstanding style and fun graphics which makes you interesting and exciting during your day. The view is round life in the ocean with 20 pay-lines and an aquatic race.

How to play it well

There are available wide range of 6 high-paying fishy symbols, including sea snails, sea horses, octopuses, crabs and lobsters in aquatic marine for your choice to add more point. Besides it, you have free spin bonus with up to 60 free times. Finally, you can win with some golden payouts.

Free Spins feature is the most impressive for this new version. Total times you have the right for using is 3 free spin symbols and 10 free games accordingly. You should keep an eye in offering spins, you will receive great bonus.

Anyway you hit a winning pay-line, you can receive multiplier from 6 high-paying fishy symbols. Keep patience to combine it up to the max pay-line (20 pcs) then you will become winner with series success.

If you are not satisfactory about reward and bonus, you can reach more points by x1, x5, x10 and x20 on a good Reef Run. The max jackpot can earn is 20000 coins. But of course, you have to spend more deposit for this race.


Online casino Malaysia has been known with many interesting online games for amateur player and gambler. Reported statics from 2018, Stacks of gold slot machine is one of the best online casino Malaysia game. Whether you have ever tried it? Whether you know the reason why this game become popular with almost people. The answer will be explained detail as below:


Stacks O’Gold slot machine has been inspired from a well-known story of a slot machine player. He is a little men who wears in green and handles a rainbow to note all spots where they already hide pots of gold. He is also main character in per themed slot which changed and upgraded based player’s choice.

The rule of game

It contains 34 active lines and 5 reels. You can start this first turn by 0.2$ per spin or higher stakes (maximum is $20) to reach more bonus later.

You will be 15 free plays with several wilds and sticky stacked wilds along the journey. But please remember that all features (including Golden Wild stacks, sticky stacked wild reels, free spins, scatters and regular wilds) will be arranged random, even disordered so that your task is collecting and arranging them properly and fast.

About deposit for the first time, you have to pay $200. It may be high compared other games. But you still keep long-term RTP of 96.17% during this journey. According to the profession, this way can make more profit for player.

If you are a winner, you can receive 20 coins to use in the next wager. You should expect more hope for the game because the final reward is up to $200. This amount is not small for a turn but the risk is higher. To sure safer, you can collect several smaller wins to get there.

How to play 3 card poker in online casino Malaysia


If you’re bored with original poker, playing 3 card poker is a great solution. In brief, 3 card poker in online casino Malaysia was inspired from a poker variant fictional by Derek Webb in 1994.

About game rule, it is completely different from the origin poker in online casino. Basically, it is against the dealer and different players.

Since it was launched, it became a popular game in the worldwide as a result of extremely strategic gameplay from the manufacturer. Along development of the internet, 3 card poker are available in online casinos in Malaysia.

How to play it well

During game, your goal is to own a strong hand with solely 3 cards. Although your mission is not against dealer and player, you have to fight with them to keep card on your hand. If you break the rule or make an error, it doesn’t affect to different players on this match.

The game begins when you try and wager money, at least minimum as fixed requirement from the site. You and dealer are provided 3 cards as ticket to come the destination.

It is better that you should carefully check your cards to understand whether or not to position a bet to protect them from the dealer. When you fold hand, immediately it is going to be over. So the dealer can take advantage of this choice to collect all ante bets and try and bets.

Once you confirm to play, the cardboard will be shown off to know whose hand is higher, whether your hand or dealer’s hand.

In final result, if the dealer can’t overcome condition, you will win the ante bet and receive rewards from the host. It may be cash or promotion for collecting each ante and play bets.

Malaysia online casino- how to play it well

On Malaysia online casino, there are more 300 free games and true money games and so many exciting  online casino game for your choice.

So you should spend time to log in Malaysia online casino as one of ways for entertainment and relaxing. To discover benefits and receive real money, you need to follow up below steps:

Step 1: Make a your account

The sign-up process takes just minutes with filling in enough information about full name, date of birth, job, nationality so on.

Then you start to log in and play.

Step 2: Discover game map of Malaysia online casino

When you log in successfully, you are the right to access games sources with hundreds of free games and real games with fee. Whether you play free games or game with real money,  you’ll find the very best online casino games as your satisfaction. Please carefully check list of game before start to play it officially.

Step 3: How to choose online casino in Malaysia?

When you become official member of casino, you will receive many benefit from welcome new player policy like bonus or promotion.

You also should remember to register bank account for transfering and with drawing money later.

From list game, you can choose several online casino games like poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette. There are some online gambling site with sport betting, including football, badminton and basketball. To get the best result, you should select the famous site which has numerous player rather than small site with losing your earned money. It should be not it.

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Slots of Vegas Casino In Malaysia


If you are a big fan of casino online Malaysia, you can’t ignore the special policy for people like deposit, bonus or penalty.

Rule of game

Slots of Vegas Casino requested no deposit bonus code with deposit bonus of 25$.

If you start a new account, you can receive the bonus from the site of Slots of Vegas Casino. It has rules to show clearly about wagering requirements and minimum amount of deposit.

To attract both new players and exiting player, Slots of vegas casino has a range of special promotions, including: daily promotions, monthly promotions, VIP promotions or ticket to entry to weekly and monthly tournaments.

For example about daily promotions: The cool promotions like Race for Cash. It is available on Sat. Amazing that you have an opportunity to receive total amount up to 180% bonus on all allowed games except blackjack. It seems interesting and funny for player.

Whereas you are a VIP, you can choose various options such as: high roller, silver VIP, gold VIP and platinum VIP. You will be treated as VIP with the benefits from this program offers. Detail benefits has already been shown at tips and tricks term of per game.


As highly considered, sots of vegas is a super casino online Malaysia from the Virtual Casino Group. It was founded in 2004 and licensed in Costa Rica. During more than 10 years of development and renovation, this site become one of the most reliable site for casino online. Thanks certification for reliability and fair gaming from Gaming Labs International, player completely feel this site safe and effective.

Furthermore, producer of this site always focuses on design super interface with 3D-rendered graphics, digital sound effects and various range of games. They are main factor to make reputations for this site in a long time.

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Top 10 websites for casino online Malaysia

(PART 1)

Online casino and sportsbook are popular in Malaysia. Betting and gambling online has become an indispensable role in business development. So there are many customers visiting and using online website for casino.

Here is our top 10 trusted websites for casino online Malaysia. With this list, you don’t care about risk or uncertain about website. Your unique mission is focusing on winning the game.

Based on various factors, including live dealers, slots, baccarat, blackjack, poker, bonus, deposit and sports betting, we have made reviews to you. Hope that it’s useful and convenient before your decision about betting.

1, LALA88

Official website is named You can use this website by downloading application it to laptop or mobile phone. You have to comply the rules applicable to betting product before an official racing.

About transaction: LALA88 is build up method of payment on Help2Pay system. You are the right to make deposit or withdraw instantly at anywhere or when you want. It is fastest compared other casino online Malaysia website with the traditional payment via bank.

About bonus: LALA88 provides many jaw-dropping promotions to attract customers. For example, you have opportunities to receive up to 7 deposits, including the first bonus deposit for the first register time. You also have special bonus from outstanding turnover or as well as seasonal promotions. Always update for hot trend to meet enough needs of customer.

2, 12Bet

12Bet website provides both casino and sport betting focusing on live dealer games in Malaysia. This site has been set up by the latest structure system with selection of slots and casino games under different interface carefully so that they can make more and more account for registering and using daily.

Coming the 12Bet, you feel higher security for transaction because of the industry standard of SSL encryption. It prevents no one to control private information to casino including registration and banking data.

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