Review about 18Bet Online Casino

If you are finding one new online casino, 18Bet is a great recommendation for you. The fact that people feel a little worrying about profession and reputation of new casino online. However, you shouldn’t worry about 18Bet Online Casino. Although it has just been established recently, it is a great online casino with modern design and service. In this article, we will review about 18Bet online casino with pros and cons to make care your decision before gambling it officially.

Firstly, history of 18Bet Online Casino

According trend of online gambling business, 18Bet was launched in 2016. Since establishment, it expresses other range of influences and interest of gamblers.

The most confident factor in 12Bet is making reliable and safe for any customers to this site. They determine to build up good customer service to develop and improve their system well. They want to assure safety, reasonable, truthful and security for all customers. In addition, 18Bet also offer available online casino data with great games to brings satisfactory and benefits to gamblers.

Secondly, 18Bet has a good relationship with the top-rated game developers

One of the important reasons to attract more gambler is providing great game data. To make one available system, 18Bet has connected and co-operated with some well-known enterprises in the world like NextGen Gaming, NetEnt, Betsoft or Extreme Live Gaming. As a good consequence, players can have access to great source of betting games by other methods like a video slots, table games or live casino games, gamblers continue to be recommended to discover other factors.

You also note that all games should be checked and updated the latest version for the first register. It is also automatically audited to loss fee. Don’t forget that you can use 18Bet version in browsers as well mobile applications.

Review about 12Bet Casino

As far as we know, 12Bet Casino is one of the most famous betting sites in the world, especially it’s available and well known for the Asia market. To understand more information about this site, we will review major aspects why 12Bet Casino becomes popular and developed.

In the previous article, we already share profile as well license about this site. In this article, we will refer to other related aspects to customers such as promotions and bonus which all gamblers are caring when they decide to place on one betting site.

12Bet casino bonuses and promotions

This site separates into other deposit bonus to customize to other bettors.

 Firstly, discussion about 1st deposit bonus

When you register one account successful, you have the right to receive 1st deposit bonus which can be up to 50$ and 50 extra spins. The prize depends on your amount for betting. But in general, the minimal deposit is 20$. Actually, it is not a small number for anyone. You can take advantage of this number to place betting for the second time. Don’t forget that this bonus is only valid within 7 days from the date your account is accepted and approved by the 12Bet Casino site.

Secondly, discussion about 2nd deposit bonus

Estimated that you have an opportunity to receive the maximum 150$ and 50 extra spins while the minimal deposit is the same as the first time with 20$. Particularly, you can receive wager requirements up to 50x bonus. The fact that, this is new policy for new players to encourage them to place betting more times at this site.

Finally, 12Bet Casino has a special policy for 3rd deposit bonus

In this time, you can receive the bonus up to 300$ and 50 extra spins with the minimal deposit 20$. As the 2nd deposit bonus, you also have 50x bonus for wagering requirement and maximal bet is only limited up to 5$.

The outstanding advantages of playing at online casino (Part 1)

The western and northern deck of cards, also known as the poker card, has a history dating back to the 9th century Tang dynasty in China, later spread to the West and the whole world, gradually developing into online card games. 52 leaves also represent 52 weeks of the year. Very familiar but completely surprised with this information.

This article does not attempt to make you give up your deck of cards. If you have the opportunity to gather friends or on picnics, picnics or away, do not each hug a phone, so sad. At such moments, if gathered around the deck of cards, a small change is a memorable moment later.

However, online gambling in sites such as W88 itself has other advantages that traditional gambling can never have. Let’s check out!

Multi-platform and mobile when playing cards online

Smart phones and mobile devices have brought tremendous benefits to human life. Almost everyone has owned a miniature world with this hand. Along with that, the entertainment industry also strongly develops the mobile market to serve players.

Games are ‘universal’ to all types of devices, from desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones. Players playing cards online do not need to be too hassle to want to play a few games, anytime, anywhere can access and play without much thought.

This advantage is definitely an incomparable traditional card game, no one can gamble with friends while using the toilet.

The game is diverse and new

Have you ever played blackjack with your friends? Probably not. Games like Baccarat, Roulette, Poker can only be played online to experience all its excitement. Other versions of these games are also constantly created and updated on the system. A long list of dozens of different card games for you to “change” everyday without worrying about being bored.

Combination tactics to effectively play baccarat at online casino (Part 2)

4. Bet more on the Banker door

If you notice a bit, only Banker door when winning players must pay 5% of the fee, and Player does not have to deduct this fee. Why so? The statistics of a large number of games show that the winning rate of Banker door is much higher, therefore, the house only charges the winnings at this door. Therefore, if you are wondering between Banker and Player 2, choose Banker now.

5. Stop searching for rules

Many online casino players, especially Malaysian players, have a strange belief in how they can see how the house results. For example, the result is in the sequence of 2 times Banker, 2 Player times, 2 more Banker times, the next 2 games they will place the Player door, according to the ‘bridge’ previous games.

Playing along the ‘bridge’ in a fun way is absolutely no problem, it is a bet anyway, a small belief that makes the game more attractive. But when you put all the money to ‘follow the demand’, it becomes an extremely disastrous mistake. Because the results are randomly generated, there is no sequence, there is no reason for you to increase your bets simply because of such unfounded views.

6. Smart money management

The first is the Baccarat deposit, make sure you know the money, and have planned similar entertainment payouts in advance. Never take money that could otherwise be spent to deposit into online casinos. These are just entertaining games, but entertainment is necessarily limited.

Smart money management also applies to wagers. Stakes must be within your account limits, and maintained at a low level. If you have 5 million in your account, and each bet you have 2 million, then just lose 2 consecutive games and you lose 80% of the total money you have. But if you only bet 200 thousand, it is clear that with the amount of 5 million you can play ‘longer’ and much better and the final odds will definitely increase.

7. Set aside time at a reasonable rate

Only play at leisure time. And should never spend time with family, friends, relatives to play Baccarat online or any other games. If you are working, leave these games aside and focus on your work. We never encourage players to play games. This slightly enthusiastically overkill.

Combination tactics to effectively play baccarat at online casino (Part 1)

Summary of Baccarat playing strategies to ensure victory

Baccarat is one of the most crowded card games in current online casinos. Some casinos have most Baccarat tables, only a handful of other games like Roulette, Sicbo or card games. If you do not know what Baccarat is, read the article on how to play Baccarat first. In particular, this is a game of chance, so do not believe the article on how to play guaranteed wins, such as “Summary of tactics

Strategies to increase Baccarat odds

1. Know the rules of the game

Roulette games often have a simple and straightforward game rule, but Baccarat is not one of them. This card game has quite complex rules. You need to understand the rules of dealing, additional rules to watch the game most carefully. Especially when playing some kind of improved Baccarat at online casinos, when the bets are not only one time but also continue when dealing, when the Player is finished, the rules are clearly understood. is a must-have knowledge.

2. Make sure you try it out to practice

Some bookmakers such as M88, Dafabet, etc. allow players to play free games for these games of chance. Part of the game is entertaining, the other part is a training area for new players. Games are played automatically by a computer system that generates random results, simulating a real table. Players can think for as long as they need and don’t need to worry about money while practicing, creating a comfortable feeling when practicing to play.

If you start right away with Baccarat games with Live Dealers, then you will almost certainly be overwhelmed such as the speed of play, the rules, the layout of the table and many other things that distract you and almost no still awake enough to bet. While if you carefully prepare your skills in the test area, everything will become really easy when you play for real money.

3. Just assume that the Tie does not exist

This is the door you should never bet on, even if it’s your winnings. If you feel you still crave the highest payout ratio (8 or 9 times the bet depending on the house) compared to 1 pay 1 of the other 2 doors, handle the psychological crisis before starting. This bet is riskier than you can imagine. Long-term players have said they rarely see this door, and it’s not worth the risk of even a penny.

The detailed instructions on how to play Blackjack at online casino (Part 2)

Before playing, players need an account at the dealer. The way to sign an account at each house is quite easy. You can refer to the instructions to play an account at our website.

Steps and how to play Blackjack online include as follows.

Step 1

Log in to your account, select the available Blackjack table.

Step 2

Bet the amount you want to bet on each game. After the bet has been completed, the dealer will start to play cards clockwise, each player will receive one face up and one face up card, including the dealer.

Step 3

At this time, the player has the right to see his hand and use the necessary skills in the way to play Blackjack. In the event that a player receives the same A pair in the dealer’s hand from the dealer, they will automatically win the bet regardless of the higher house number.

A trick that players often use in playing Blackjack is that if the dealer’s face card is A, the player is allowed to bet an amount equal to half of the original bet called the insurance in the house. There is an A. This bet allows the player to draw with the dealer if the house actually has an A. In addition, longtime Blackjack players also have another trick: bet twice the amount based on the number. Score two cards and draw the next card.

Step 4

After the players have completed the draw, it is the house’s turn to decide the fate of their two cards – ballast or draw again to consider the remaining players. In the event that the dealer draws a card with a total value greater than 21, all players will win the bet and the dealer must pay all players in that game.

How to play blackjack is extremely simple with very easy to grasp skills and tips. Moreover, Blackjack is a highly stimulating game, bringing a sense of suspense that everyone must experience when playing online casino.

The way to play Blackjack is that we guide above is the information that you should refer before participating in any game of Blackjack.

Review about Bodog88 Casino


If you are a fan of gambling, assure that you have ever heard about Bodog88 Casino. Thanks to big sponsorships such Playboy, the Los Angeles Lakers, NHL, Arsenal FC or Copa do Brasil, Bodog88 has rapidly become a big site about gambling, slot games, live dealer tables, poker especially betting on sports. Until now, Bodog88 Casino has a global reputation.

This article will share review about Bodog88 Casino.

Information detail

Firstly, you can play unique game data on Bodog88 Casino. When you click this site, you are overwhelmed by the colorful array of section. You can click other functional tabs to choose the game you prefer. The Bodog88 has also built up smart tabs to search and filter game type, provider you expect. It’s convenient and easy to follow.

Betting with industry experts

Bodog88 Casino offers you list of sport betting with almost international games because of the huge number of sponsors as referred above. They also offer a good system of sportsbook for your option. Furthermore, you also access to “quick links” in the top-left of the screen to check whether which sports is popular and how is developed on the market. For example, you should check the NBA and EEFA champions league as your reference.

In this betting sport section, Bodog88 offer many kinds of betting, therefore you can place bets on pre or on the match. They continue to offer promotion and bonus for other leagues, depending on other occasions. Estimated that odds in this site should be better than other sites so you have more opportunities to reach final bonus with big budget than your deposit.

Although Bodog88 is stronger than sports betting, you also play other kinds of online casino. All sections are developed professionally to appeal more and more gamblers in the world.

Overview of Dafabet online casino assessment (Part 2)


Dafabet offers 4 great reward programs for Live Dealer Sic Bo players – Cashback Club, Loyalty Club, VIP Lottery and Women’s Club.

The Cash Back Club is designed for players who place large bets on high monthly turnover. The Loyalty Club is designed for players who regularly place bets on a daily basis despite small numbers.

Banking services

Dafabet offers 6 deposit methods and 5 withdrawal methods including Neteller and Telegraphic Transfer. All methods are free and almost instant.

Dafabet offers easy banking procedures for Big Player players by allowing deposits and withdrawals up to $1,000,000.


Customer Support at Dafabet is done by real-time support staff and all our questions are answered in just over 21 minutes.

The customer support staff is very courteous and helpful, showing us relevant items on the site via clickable links.

There was a slight difference between the supporter’s information and the information printed on the banking service page, but the employee confirmed that his information was not up to date.


The house at Dafabet gives Sic Bo players a lot of personalities. They were dressed neatly and politely but each of them had their own presentation style. The last call for betting is clear and the button is displayed before the camera zooms in for the dice.

The favorite house is Cleo, who spins the dice in a very interesting way – she presses the button by opening her hand politely and then pressing the button with the palm of her hand.


Like other Playtech casinos, Dafabet offers an in-game chat option that allows you to communicate with the dealer.

On the top right of the screen is a large chat box displaying messages from the dealer. Sometimes we see the dealer responds to our messages by voice.

Dafabet offers 10 Live Dealer games, including five different types of Bacarat (Progress, Online, VIP, mini and scratch cards)

Dafabet also recognizes the importance of rewarding loyal customers and offers comprehensive VIP rewards for high stakes players. They have special bonuses for female players that offer the Women’s Club.

With an efficient and courteous Customer Support team, and a wide range of dealers, Dafabet casino offers you an excellent Live Dealer Sic Bo experience.

Overview of Dafabet online casino assessment (Part 1)

Here is the overview assessment of the Dafabet online casino. Let’s see whether this house is worth playing at or not.

Screen layout

Dafabet uses the same Playtech live feed as some of our other Live Dealer Casinos but with a clear and bright format.

The top of the screen shows the live video of the dealer and the dice. On the left is a clickable statistics tab that shows the results of the last six spins, bet payouts, table limits and information about live feeds. On the top right of the screen there is a large chat area.

The dice board is very clear and not cluttered with the betting chips displayed at the bottom left of the screen. An inconvenience is that the payoff for the Total bet is not displayed, although you can look through the Payout tab.

Overall, Dafabet offers the best playing experience in all Playtech casinos.

The betting process at Dafabet online casino

The betting process at Dafabet is very simple. Bets are confirmed almost immediately with a very clear confirmation message displayed on the screen. You can bet up to 2 seconds before the last call.

The game clock on the bottom right of the screen counts down from 30 seconds. There is a 7 second delay between the call for No More Bets and the spin. Spin the dice very quickly. The camera zooms in after each spin and stops at the dice until the next countdown starts.

The results are displayed clearly and the winning bet information is highlighted on this board for a few seconds. A very interesting point is a voice that tells you when your bet wins.

Limited table

Dafabet encourages big Sic Bo players by allowing large single bet limits. For example, each bet, the maximum you can bet is $ 1250, even in a single Triple bet with a payoff of 180 over 1, meaning you will be able to win $225,000. This has been verified with Customer Support staff via Live Chat.

Play speed

We tried Dafabet at different times of day and night. In most cases, the time between games varies from 74 to 116 seconds, ie an average of 40 games per hour. However, we found that on weekends, the playing speed can be as fast as 45 seconds, which is 80 games per hour.

The dealer changes every 20 minutes but changes very quickly and takes less than 60 seconds.

Instructions for playing 3-card online poker (Part 1)

Here are some tips for playing 3-card online poker which is a relatively new type of poker for players, but it has also been very popular in other countries such as Western and American.

It was based on the principles of playing and playing cards of the regular online poker genre like 5 cards but the gameplay is much simpler and also has brought a lot of new experiences and also excitement for first time players of this game.

1. How to play online 3-card online poker?

In playing 3-card Poker, the main purpose of this game is to beat the dealer if the 3 cards in the hand are bigger.

The dealer and the players on each side will get 3 cards, then the same card, the bigger is the winner. These are the rules and guidelines for playing 3-card poker at Malaysia online casino compared to similar cards as regular online poker.

2. How to Make a 3-Card Poker Game

Step 1

Players will be betting on (Ante) and will have two more betting options are paired (Pair Plus), and the bet with 6 cards (6 Card Bonus). These two betting options are also optional (depending on the strategies of each player)

Step 2

Dealers are (Dealer) will divide 3 cards to the side first (Turn over) and the following 3 cards to the dealer (Turn over). At this point, your hands will have 2 options like in the online poker tutorial.

If your hand is dealt 3 big cards and feels confident if you can win that game then you will select “Play” to continue playing, this time the dealer will turn your card over. and play cards with your hand

If your hand is dealt 3 cards that are smaller and feel you will lose, you will choose to fold. At this point, my hand will lose the bet.