PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
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PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool



Become part of a network. As a PACE associate learning center you are part of a growing nationwide network of centers, providers and support staff. LearningRx is your helper, partner, and support team for every aspect of your learning center operation. As a PACE provider you won't have to face another training or business challenge alone. As a PACE associate you are also completely autonomous, and free to build and manage your center as best suits your goals, situation, and community. The PACE program brings you the best cognitive training available, solid business support and the freedom to enjoy the power of both these tremendous tools.

Here are several support resources for your business:

Help line. The PACE program includes a variety of help and support products. Several web sites are designed to provide support in the areas of: testing—test analysis—training techniques—staff training—business practices—business development—marketing and sales, and more. Newsletters, product updates, sales support materials, and current publicity information will help you stay on top of changes and new opportunities in your business of learning. Our national sales and service staff will be in touch with you regularly, and will always be available for you to contact to help keep you business growing and on track.

Real-time access. When you have questions, the staff at LearningRx is committed to being there for you. A call or an email will always put you in direct contact with an experienced PACE provider to answer your question. PACE is an exciting program. Our support staff is excited about it. They have each witnessed firsthand, life-changing results in their own students, and they know how to help you produce the same thing in your clients. Whether you have a question or you simply need to discuss a particular student case, a knowledgeable and experienced PACE support provider will be as close as a phone call or email.

Active National referrals. The PACE program is constantly being promoted through various means nationwide. Interest and awareness of the powerful advantages of the PACE program is growing daily. This leads to many inquiries. As a PACE associate learning center, you will regularly get referrals to interested potential clients from the LearningRx home office through phone calls and an automatic referral system on the Internet. This service is free, and is of significant value as you build your learning center clientele.


Franchise support / no franchise restrictions. The PACE program and the related business support are not a franchise, but it rivals the best franchises in the country in its support, training, and opportunities. There are no franchise fees or encumbrances, but you get all the traditional franchise benefits: Training, marketing materials and help, full business procedures and support, ready access to "problem solving" help, name use rights, and much more.

Frequent updates. The PACE program relies on the very best brain and learning science available. This was a defining commitment during the initial development of the PACE program, and remains a firm commitment today. This means that the program is always under review and open to upgrades. As a provider, this means that you will always be working with the very best cognitive training program and procedures available. This means PACE will always offer only the highest quality, most effective cognitive training available at the time.



Knowledge exchange. LearningRx maintains an extensive "Knowledge Exchange" library service. This puts you in contact with the knowledge and experiences of hundreds of other PACE professionals. A constantly updated research database is at your fingertips. A growing "tips and training" center is on-line. A chat room is under development where you can arrange Internet meetings with other providers and learning center operators to share problems, insights, and solutions. Here, the staff at LearningRx will occasionally host "Info-forums" on subjects as varied as, "Training Your New Staff," "Relating to the Public Schools in Your Community," "Marketing your Name," "How to Motivate Parents," "Building a Positive Business Image," "How to Get What's Yours: Collections and Accounts Receivable," and more. The Knowledge Exchange puts a wealth of information and help right at your fingertips.

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