PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
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PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool



Staff training is a turnkey operation. Good, reliable, well-trained staff is essential for a learning center to grow. PACE directly addresses your staff training needs in a number of ways. First, PACE is a fully contained program. Training routines are designed into the program for you to use right away with new staff. Second, PACE is designed to be "provider friendly." Each procedure is clear, fully scripted, and supported by illustration, charts, or cue cards. Providers do not have to memorize reams of material. Third, training provided through observation is very effective. You can utilize your scheduled sessions with students to finalize your staff training without disrupting the session at all.

Here are several ways PACE helps solve your staffing needs:

Job satisfaction. Anyone you hire and train to be a PACE provider wants to help students. Seeing large, rapid, measurable results in your students can be very emotionally rewarding. The PACE program provides your staff the opportunity to make an unparalleled difference in the lives of your clients. The satisfaction in knowing you are turning young lives around at their most basic level will make for a very satisfied and motivated team of coworkers

Staff training is quick. PACE is designed to be easy to learn and easy to use to get great results. You have the option of presenting new staff training either individually or in small groups. A very thoroughly prepared provider can be ready to handle new students in no more than 3 days of training.

Video training. PACE video training for staff is available to you as a learning center provider. These tools will help you train new staff and keep your existing staff up on any new procedures or training methods without a prohibitive investment in time

Larger pool of prospective trainers. PACE produces great results without the need for highly specialized providers or trainers. Caring, intelligent people can and do become fantastic PACE providers. This opens up the pool of prospective staff members to your center. You do not have to draw your staff recruits exclusively from professional or educational backgrounds. You can use less qualified people, pay them less, charge more, and get better results. Compassion and consistency are more important qualities than credentials and professional experience. This program is so effective, so well documented, and so easy to use with students that providers can get fantastic results without the prerequisite of an educational or professional degree. This fact alone can save a learning center thousands of dollars in staffing costs, while still delivering unmatched results for their students.


Easy to measure staff production. PACE is a very clearly defined program with time and result goals that enable you, the learning center administrator, to easily measure the effectiveness and profitability of each staff member. Testing, procedure check-off and session planning calendars all allow you to manage your staff's production goals easily and accurately.

Trainer friendly (decrease staff turnover). PACE is designed to be simple to learn, easy to maintain and to administer to individual students. It requires very little, if any "lesson planning" time for each student. In spite of this simplicity, the results are consistently large, fast, and retainable. Staff comes away from every session knowing (not guessing) that they are changing the lives of their students.

Independent consultant vs. employee. PACE is flexible in where and when it can be delivered. This opens the cost-effective option to learning centers of building your business around a group of independent consultants rather than staff employees. Depending on your business plan and model, this can save you thousands of dollars, hours of bookkeeping headaches, and go a long way to create a team of happy, self-sufficient trainers.

Staff restricted by contracts. By design, PACE restricts individual providers from "moonlighting" on your learning center. Each student requires a training kit that is provided through your learning center directly from Learning Rx. This eliminates the possibility of staff members "skimming" from your client base for PACE training. You, the learning center administrator, are protected by the very structure of the PACE program
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