PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
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It is hard to overestimate the impact success can have on self-esteem and behavior. When students, who have felt stupid or like failures, realize they can learn, it builds their self-confidence and can impact many other areas of their lives. These testimonials are from parents who have seen profound changes in the lives of their children.*

*In many instances, students come to PACE with school or behavioral problems. Much of the time, the growth and encouragement they gain through the PACE program completely turns their lives around. The testimonies are true and related word for word with this exception: so that we don’t compromise the newfound esteem of students, names may have been changed to protect privacy.

Thank you so much for everything you have done in the development and sharing of the PACE program. What a world of difference it has made for my son! I administered the program to him as a parent, but I am also his classroom teacher, so I have been able to directly observe the changes this program has made in my son's education. The other teachers, administrator, and resource specialist in our school all watched with eager interest and astonishment at the results this program brought about. Their biggest question is, "Isn't there some way to adapt this to small groups so it could be used in a classroom setting?" Even if the results were only half as dramatic as they were for my son, it would still be an incredible blessing for those students who are struggling. I know that this must be a common request for you. I would really appreciate being kept informed about any developments you make in this direction.
Thank you once again for the great gift you have developed for the educational development of so many!
Toby Moorhouse


Letters of Gratitude!

Testimonies Given to Gregory Barcus, Provider in Battle Ground, WA

from Mary E. Lancaster -
I enthusiastically recommend the PACE program because of the immediate changes in Jamie. I asked Jamie what he thinks PACE has done for him and he said, "It has done a lot. It taught me to read." T
Jamie has struggled every year in school. He couldn't read, he couldn't focus, and hated homework. It was heartbreaking and stressful. We know that Jamie is capable and intelligent, but our evenings were spent trying to help him grasp simple concepts. I saw improvement just days after he started the program. He began to read.
Jamie would not play ball with his brother or friends. He just wanted to stay home and watch television. He had poor coordination and would quit in frustration. Now he loves to play. He displays a natural talent and is much more confident.
I am thankful that we found this program. I am glad we stopped waiting for the situation to improve, because it was not. The school programs were not working. Jamie now has a bright and successful future ahead. He has gained the much needed confidence and skills due to the PACE lessons. My husband and I want to express our thanks to Dana (Jamie's PACE trainer) for what she has done for Jamie. I will never forget it. Jamie will miss her. Thanks again for your patience and kindness. Thank Dr. Barcus for suggesting this outstanding program.
Mary E. Lancaster


from Mrs. Ella B. Marks
My daughter at first would not and could not sit down to do her homework without crying or having a fit because she could not understand the work. It was hard for her. She felt as [though] she was the only one who could not do the work. Her self-esteem was so low that she could not complete a task at school or home. Within a few weeks of the program, [my husband and I] noticed a bit change in my daughter. She wanted to do her homework by herself. Her tests at school have gotten better. She is joining more activities at school. She talks to more girls and is making friends. But most importantly, she has good self-esteem about herself. She has become the daughter we have grown to enjoy and love. We knew she could achieve the goals she wanted.
Ella B. Marks

from Ms. Laura Tenz
The change from last school year to this school year is remarkable. Artis has more self-esteem with an attitude and willingness to try whatever is asked of him. He has gained the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. He had an assessment test at the beginning of 2nd grade and the teacher remarked that she had never seen a child of seven be able to sit for over an hour testing. In kindergarten and first grade he was so frustrated with not being able to keep up with other kids in the schoolwork that he continuously acted out and got bad conduct marks. This year he has perfect conduct because he enjoys school and can do the work. I would recommend this program to any parent that the normal channels aren't working.
Laura Tenz


  from Bonnie Dodge
Here's my testimonial about the program. I can't really speak to the business yet since I'm still doing everything as a volunteer or a parent.
My only regret about PACE is that I didn't hear about it sooner. My son has struggled with reading, writing, and spelling from the very beginning. He's had a tutor, and we have worked with him constantly. After doing PACE, it was as if a cloud had cleared for him. He's finally able to put his creative thoughts onto paper. What used to take a week to write now takes a day. He can read fluently at a year above grade level. Standardized tests have always been demoralizing and very stressful. He came home this year and told me the tests were all really easy and then proceeded to describe in detail the stories and articles he read. We go out for dinner and he can read even the most complicated menus. And to top it off, our previously good relationship has been enriched greatly by the hard work we've done together. PACE has changed his life, and I am forever grateful. Count me in as one of the great PACE champions.
Bonnie Dodge

from Sonia Greer – Parent with PACE – Ruston, LA
Dear Dean and Tanya,
Wanted to check in with you and let you know how we are doing with PACE. We have just finished our 6th week and our 28th session with R.J. and Ron. I think things are really going well for us. The boys don't mind the sessions and we have really enjoyed our time together. This has surprised me that they don't mind ...

(the following comments came in 6 weeks later, after completion of the program)...Be sure to check out RJ's post test! He has improved tremendously! I was sure he would do better than the pretest, but I didn't expect this much improvement! I'm so proud of him. He is doing better in school as well, even though we have not worked as hard at PACE or Master the Code in the last month as we had been. I think it has really helped him. Thanks so much!
Sonia Greer

from Richard Keen – Parent with PACE – Raytown, MS
Dr. Gibson,
We have completed the sessions and testing for our son Jerry. He scored very well at an average of two years improvement. During this time we have also cut his medication (for autistic and hyperactive tendencies) in half. In essence he is performing at a higher rate twice over – functionally and medicinally. Thank you again for all your help…God Bless you all!
Richard Keen


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