PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
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PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool

The PACE program provides you with access to sales and marketing tools, which will help you and your business succeed.


Here are several resources for your business:

National referral service. PACE provides learning centers with the opportunity to become part of a nationwide company without the burden of franchise fees or corporate connections. Every local learning center benefits from the national sales and support team and client referral system of LearningRx. National exposure and referrals are also generated by the LearningRx web presence. Client referrals flow into LearningRx's central office from Website promotion, sales force contacts, and student referrals. These are passed on to local learning centers at no charge.

Media material. LearningRx offers associate learning centers a growing selection of marketing materials including tested and proven print ad copy, press releases, sales scripts, radio ad scripts, telephone follow-up scripts, banner ad designs, ad campaign outlines, ideas, and much more. These proven marketing tools are being used successfully in learning centers all across the country, and will compliment your marketing and accelerate your sales.

Sales tools and support. Selling can be frightening and confusing to many learning center owners. LearningRx and the PACE program will help you overcome your fear of sales, and accelerate the growth of your business. PACE alone will make selling easier. It is easy to understand and demonstrate. It produces fantastic, measurable results in virtually every student who completes the program. It is an excellent value for the student, and a tremendous reputation builder for your center. The PACE administrator's manual is full of business building tools, sales ideas, and techniques for maximizing your profitability. Making PACE part of your learning center's repertoire, enables you to help others find the help they need. People will love you for "selling" them the opportunity to change their child's life.

Referrals are powerful sales tools. PACE is a one-on-one training program. It provokes the highest levels of commitment from students and their families. It also provides unmatched results and life-changing growth in students. The satisfaction and gratitude these changes stir in the hearts of parents can, and should be transformed directly into powerful and profitable referrals. The PACE program guides you through the process of asking for and converting these referrals into rapid business growth.



Web site marketing and support. LearningRx maintains a growing web presence designed to provide both general information and administrative support. Test scores, tracking and data analysis is accomplished via the web, and available to each center on their own students. Pre-testing and prescreening functions will help the center owner qualify new clients. Frequently asked questions, general industry information, trends, training tips and updates will all be readily accessible on a password / membership basis. Specialized sites will provide downloadable marketing materials, sales aids and advertising copy. Mini courses on topics such as media buying, direct advertising, promoting word-of-mouth, strategic alliances and increasing name recognition are available to PACE center providers.

Unique selling proposition. Your "USP" is the reason people should do business with you. Many businesses struggle because they have not taken the time to identify "the most important reason" people should come to them to find what they need. LearningRx helps our PACE centers find this most important expression of their purpose by providing a short course on "Determining and communicating your Unique Selling Proposition."


Personal website. A highlight of the LearningRx web suite will be the opportunity for local learning centers to join the national image with their own personalized site. The hard work of site development will be done for you. Your site will be personalized and customized by filling out a few simple online forms. Sales efforts, promotions, community involvement and presence will all be enhanced with your custom website. The Learning Center Locator will be a tool to help potential clients learn of you, find you and get in contact with you.

Nationally recognized. PACE's national reputation is growing. The program's astounding results in students is catching the eye of educators and learning center operators across the country. Your center will benefit from the positive image of PACE.

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