Instructions for playing 3-card online poker and basic poker rules (Part 2)

Let’s continue with the instructions for playing 3-card poker at Malaysia online casino.

Of the 3 cards dealt the house must have a Q or higher (called a card that has qualified).

If the dealer’s hand is smaller than the Q, then the pot will be returned and bets will be won and win 1.

If the dealer’s hand is eligible, then the dealer and the dealer can play the three-card hand for both sides. The higher side wins the game.

Step 3

If the player has a higher hand value then bets will be settled and the bet placed will win at a rate of 1 to 1.

If the dealer has a bigger hand then you will lose both the bet and the bet.

If both sides draw, the bet of their hand will be refunded.

If the player raises a bet and gains the first three cards of the Straight Banker, or the Gray Tricks, the Player will win the bet even if the house wins if the game is won. That’s it.

If the player places a double bet then his or her hand will win if the hand has a double or more. And the payout ratio will be based on the payout table (Bottom), the bigger the casino the higher the payout will be. Even if the house has won or you will discard the card.

If the player has understood the instructions for playing online poker, he should bet 6 cards, that player will win if 3 cards are played by the player combined with 3 cards from the house to form a poker hand 5 the largest card and of those 5 cards there is at least one Triad (Gray) or will be bigger than that.

Winning amounts will be paid according to the payout table written (Bottom), whether you have discarded a hand or the house that won the game.

If your hand is dealt 3 big cards and feels confident if you can win that game then you will select “Play” to continue playing, this time the dealer will turn your card over and play cards with your hand.