PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool
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PACE - The Ultimate Learning Tool

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"Our Learning Center Providers are our most valuable resource."

Patty Mott
Learning Connections
Charlotte, NC
As a PACE provider in a learning center, I can see the benefits of using the PACE program to increase the skills of the students. In one program you address several areas of processing ...visual, auditory, and also speed of processing. After just a few sessions you begin to see the student's confidence begin to improve and also see that they are more willing to attempt more difficult areas. Without PACE here at the center, we would be lacking a very key component in helping children learn more efficiently and effectively. Thanks for caring about children.
Patty Mott


Hugh Ames, CDR, SC, USN (Ret)
Learning Foundations
Director Learning Foundations
While operating multiple tutoring centers in San Antonio, I found some of our students just didn't get it. Individual attention and remediation didn't help them grasp the idea behind the mechanics. The PACE Program filled a need in our services. The free evaluation makes an excellent tool to identify those students needing cognitive training and the video demonstrates how our program can help them succeed. Dr. Gibson and his team of professionals provided excellent training and a turnkey program to integrate PACE into my practice. I've found them available to meet and often exceed my needs.
Hugh Ames

Anna Cunerty
The Brain Cell
Upland, CA
I cannot begin to tell you the difference PACE has made in my business success and my professional happiness. For literally years I have looked for an all-inclusive program that had a wide range of applications in the educational setting. I found this with the PACE program. I am now able to help so many more students than I was before. Before I had to use the Lindamood Bell Program with one student, a critical thinking program with another, a reading program with another, and so on. With PACE, I am able to recommend it with complete confidence to over 80% of my clients. I use it for adults and children, from the less severe to the most severe (with a few adjustments). I have yet to find a client who did not like doing the program nor a parent who was unhappy with the results. Subsequently, my business has tripled since I've begun using the program. I've had to hire three trainers to work under me. I am booked up for weeks and I even have a waiting list now. The support I have received from the staff has been one of the keys to my success. I never feel like my questions are not important and they are always answered in a timely manner. I want to thank you for my success and the success of my clients! Please keep developing products and programs for my continued successes.
Educationally yours,
Anna Cunerty


Lisa Lee
LEAP Center
Cumming, GA
I am so excited about the PACE program and the positive results that I have seen. I completed my degree in special education and began teaching elementary students with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorders. Then I was moved to the high school level and saw students who were still struggling and reading at 3rd grade levels. I was frustrated and disappointed that I could not help them make any more progress than they were. Then I found PACE. I saw confidence levels soar as well as attention and processing levels. I am excited that I am seeing my students succeed and that is my goal.
Lisa Lee

Sandra Donah
The Thinking and Learning Center
Holyoke, MA
I did MTC after completing PACE ...We worked for 24 sessions - three times a week at an hour a pop ...the results were great!
I didn't use anything besides PACE and MTC. Don't forget that PACE was done totally first and then I did MTC. I am so sold on MTC. I refuse to use any other program but it.

Vivian Douglas
Case Bernabe
Antigua, Guatemala
Trena, the girl who had the brain trauma and couldn't do anything with representations an amazing story. When I left Guatemala in November she was beginning to read 4-letter words blending the syllables together ...When I got back 2 weeks ago I heard the report from her teacher that she is doing great in class and needs no outside help with her school work. She is at the top of the class in her handwriting skills and functioning well in the classroom setting. I believe it is a miracle of God that Trena is doing so well, but I also believe that He led me to your program of PACE so that He could use it as a tool to help Trena! But that is not all:

Raul was a slow learner, not stupid or disabled, but just slow. AND he had a serious problem with test anxiety. I crammed his last 2 weeks of PACE classes into a long weekend (as I was leaving the country) so that we were working 4-6 hours per day together. I had my doubts as to whether there would be any long-term value for him because that was also at the end of the school term and the kids were off for 2 months. I doubted he would practice any of the skills during the 'summer' break. But his teacher this year says that she cannot see any problem with Raul. Even in tests, he is turning in his work on time and complete whereas last year every test might have had as much as his name and one or no questions answered. God is using the PACE program to really make some incredible changes in the lives of kids here!


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