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This paper highlights the results PACE providers can market as their “Product.” 


Results Gained through PACE are the “Product” of our Providers

Achieves large, rapid, permanent, and sustainable results

Results from the PACE program, tracked over the past 6 years, have consistently produced large, rapid, permanent, and sustainable gains in general IQ scores and specific cognitive skills. These improvements have led to consistent advances in self-esteem, general well-being, and academic performance.

Maintains a 98.7% retention rate

A recent study revealed an amazing 98.7% retention of specific cognitive skill gains in students who completed the 12-week PACE program. These phenomenal rates of retention signify a) the power and accuracy of the targeted PACE procedures, and b) the fact that the changes in cognitive skills were made automatic and are continually being exercised in the normal course of life and study.

IQ increase of 9 to 28 points in 12 weeks

It was only a few short years ago that, so called “experts” asserted that basic intelligence (IQ) could not be changed.  Now it is recognized that through specific cognitive training, the capacity of “intelligence” can be expanded.  While not designed specifically to increase IQ, results through the PACE program reveal the following changes:  For students beginning with a general IQ score below 100, the consistent average gain is 28 points!  For students beginning with IQ scores 100 or above, the average gain is 9 points.  These astounding gains, reached in a 12-week program, revolutionize the learning capacity and academic performance of students.

Averages 3.6-year gain in deficient cognitive skills

Recent tests of average gains in specific cognitive skills show a consistent 3.6-year average gain.  These gains are realized in twelve weeks and show a 98.7% retention rate (many skills actually grow) one year later.

A guaranteed 3-year gain in spelling skills

When PACE cognitive training is followed with LearningRx’s innovative Master the Code reading and spelling program, students are GUARANTEED a 3-year gain in reading and spelling skills.  The average gain actually reported is closer to 6.5 grade levels!  LearningRx’s unique combination of cognitive training and sound-to-code based reading training is producing life-altering results across the country.

87% cure rate of reversal problems

Letter reversal, a common symptom of poor readers, also is reduced as a result of the PACE program.  Informal results show a “cure” rate of 87% for students completing the 12-week program.

Helps kids permanently leave special-ed programs

Very little hope of ever again being mainstreamed exists for most students who are placed in Special Education Programs.  The powerful cognitive changes possible through the PACE program provides a significant “escape hatch” for many students from the perpetual prison of Special Education.   

Helps deliver kids from the stigma of a LD diagnosis

Through the specific targeting of weak cognitive skills, and the through the large, rapid, and obvious results of the intensive 12-week program, students often have all the tools and encouragement they need to rise above the label “learning disabled” forever!  This allows learning centers to provide the ultimate service to families suffering under the LD stigma.

Delivered in a defined time frame

PACE is a 12-week program, highly structured and intensive one-on-one program.  In 12 short weeks all the powerful cognitive gains recorded by PACE students are achieved.  Because these are gains in cognitive (or underlying learning) skills, and not merely in specific academic subjects, the gains go on growing and reproduce themselves in every new learning challenge the student faces.  PACE is a 12-week investment that pays a lifetime of dividends.

Positive results have been and are being reproduced across the country by various providers and students

PACE is a proven “turn-key” training tool.  High and consistent results are regularly being produced across the country by a wide variety of trainers in a wide variety of students.  Small and large learning centers as well as private trainers are all experiencing large, satisfying and lasting results in the lives of students of all ages. In addition to the normal goals of cognitive skill and academic enhancement, PACE is getting excellent results in cases of brain injury, severe learning disabilities, mental acuity training for seniors, and specialized applications where enhanced cognition and processing skills pay off.

15-year history

PACE (and it’s predecessor VIP) has a 15-year track record of outstanding results. In its current format, the PACE program, has 6 years of field-proven success through providers and learning centers across the U.S.

10,000 students

To date, over 10,000 students of all ages are enjoying the enhanced learning ability, self-esteem, and life-potential that comes with strengthened cognitive skills through the PACE program and its predecessor. Cognitive skills testing can be done as early as 5 years old and has been done on students in their 80’s. Every day, new students across the entire age spectrum are starting the PACE program. Every day a new crop of PACE graduates emerges from their twelve weeks of intensive training able to learn faster, better, and with a significantly greater love of learning. Every day, through PACE, students are overcoming the stigma of being labeled “LD”, “ADD”, “ADHD” or “a slow learner.”

Produces gains in multiple areas

PACE is designed to be a comprehensive training program that targets and strengthens multiple areas in every student.  Weak areas are strengthened first.  When progress reviews built into the program reveal that these weak skills have been brought up to level of the student's normal skill set, the whole skill package is then trained and enhanced together as the program continues.  Students not only dramatically overcome specific weaknesses, but experience measurable overall gains as well.  PACE is both a tactical (as it targets specific skills) and strategic (comprehensive in its design and in its results) tool in a learning center’s offering as it helps its students overcome learning problems.

Was originally designed for high-end psychologist but now available through learning centers

PACE was originally designed by and for top-rated psychologists, and it produced the results they were looking for in their professional practices.  The development of PACE has transformed it from an exclusive “doctor only” product into a powerful tool that can reach everyday families through providers and learning centers across the country.  PACE’s detailed, step-by-step design and approach allows it to be successfully used by a variety of trainers with a widely divergent backgrounds and experiences. Doctors and other professionals certainly can use PACE to great effect, but so can teachers, special educators, therapists, tutors, and others with a heart for and the skills to be people helpers.  PACE can enable you to be a life-changer for the students and families you serve.

Was developed and refined under clinical settings, utilizing scientific research to acheive unmatched results

PACE is a sound, highly researched and documented cognitive skills training program.  It is based on the latest and most effective brain science.  It produces the most dramatic and lasting results in the industry.  The program, while complete in every sense, is also under constant review in light of ALL ongoing brain and learning research.  PACE information is added, procedures are added and modified, and testing is updated as new research comes to light.  This is done to guarantee that PACE is, and remains, the most effective cognitive skills training program available. 

This commitment to quality assures you, the PACE providers, that you are providing your students the very best training they can get.

PACE is not a fad.  It is not built on a marketing slogan or on focus group gleanings. It is not primarily a “product” but rather a “process” and a powerful tool to enhance the learning of your students.